Saturday, July 27, 2019

Which of the current management challenges,globalization,managing Assignment

Which of the current management challenges,globalization,managing adiverse workforse, technological innovation and ethics are likely to have the greast impact on Googles future operation - Assignment Example For instance, managing a diverse workforce and adhering to ethical and moral codes of conduct would continue to impact the organization’s future operations; therefore, management must be adept in apprising themselves of current and future trends affecting these areas. However, there are more relevant issues affecting technological applications where Google could be affected; such as security issues, breaching privacy and confidentiality concerns and protection of personal and organizational domain from hackers, cyber terrorism, and other forms of intrusion. As such, Google’s future operation would depend on how their organization could significantly assist in the improvement and solution of cybercrime, for instance, or other concerns affecting future technological applications. By reinventing themselves and by assuming a proactive stance in scanning the external global environment for opportunities and addressing eminent threats, Google should be able to sustain market dominance and leadership in

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