Friday, July 26, 2019

Essay Response Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Response - Essay Example rely affect the people who earn less money, the US government will save a lot of money by taking this step, instead of giving the money to poor families the government will keep that money intact using it for other purposes. There has been a lot of hue and cry about the same and it is unfair to withdraw support, the poor people must not be left all on their own the government must help them in every possible way. â€Å"It is also believed that more than one million higher income earners will also be worse off as a result of the Governments changes to the private health insurance rebate, announced in last nights Budget. Under changes to family tax benefit A, from July low-income families earning less than $42,000 a year will lose 35c per week - $18 a year - for each child aged under 12, and $26 a year for each child aged 13 to 15.† (Changes to Family Tax) The Budget delivered to the congress is expected to be somewhere around $ 3.6 Trillion. It is also expected that by 2013 the deficit of the US is expected to fall to as low as $ 533 Billion, the current deficit is much higher than what it is going to be in 2013. A very good step has been taken by the government; the government has set aside a whopping amount of $250 Billion to rescue the current recession crisis. This money will mainly be used to bailout several big banks in order to keep the economy functioning the way it used to prior to recession. This money is expected to bring things right back on track. The congress has already set aside an amount of $ 700 Billion for the same and the increase in amount only goes to show the desperation to put an end to the current crisis. Education funding has also been a sector that has hogged the limelight in this Federal Budget; the President has promised to fund the education sector much better than ever. He has promised to strengthen the education sector and this will only help the country rise to unprecedented heights. The president is a very ambitious man and he

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