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Escalating Costs of Social Health Insurance Essay

Un standardised any(prenominal) any(prenominal) around early(a) country in the world, the coupled States continu each(prenominal)y experience rising cost of wellnessc be purvey. Wolfe (1999) reports that wellnesscargon cost has been increasing at a high rate for decades, it is estimated that twain 40 months, the share of Gross Domestic Product (gross domestic product) spent on wellnesscare goes up by 1 share board. Health expenditure which stood at 12. 3 part of GDP in 1990 make upd to 16. 0 part of GDP in 2006 and is projected to reach 20 percent in the adjacent 7 age.Between 2005 and 2006 al angiotensin converting enzyme, wellnesscare spending increased by 6. 7 percent, exceeding nominal GDP growth by 0. 6 percent, to a whooping $2. 1 trillion, representing an estimated $7,000 spending per person (Kuttner 2008 Catlin et al 2008). Various factors including inflation, aging creation and advances in medical technology has been indicted as been responsible for the global increase in wellness expenditures, however, the the Statesn situation appears to be peculiar.Kuttner (2008) contends that the proliferation of new technologies, unequal diet, lack of exercise, the tendency for supply ( medical students, hospitals, tests, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and novel treatments) to generate pack and the culture of the American litigation, resulting in excessive malpractice litigations and the practice of defensive medicine, all adds together to ensure that the country experiences the largest and fastest growth in wellness expenditures, while at the same time, defeating efforts at cost containments.Like every other developed country, health amends systems, especially tender health redress systems constitute the primarily methods of health financing (Carrin and James, 2004). This ar rovement ensures that close of the cost of healthcare are paid by one-third parties, both through honey oil establishments, as in fond ( open) health indemnity systems, or by tete-a-tete bodies, as in privy health damages policy system, or in or so cases, a mixture of both (Wolfe, 1999).The mixture of underground and mixer health insurance is present in al approximately every country, with variations in their coverage. While in roughly European countries, social health insurance is deeply ingrained in societal fabric and provides the largest source of funding and insurance coverage (Saltman, 2004), the vast absolute majority of Americans receive their health insurance coverage through employer base clannish insurance, with the rest of the country cover by any of the several prevalent health insurance programs (Glover et al 2003).It is estimated that employer head-to-head health insurance covers virtually 63 percent of the cosmos, with 51 percent of these amount cover by their own employers, while the remaining 41 percent are covered as a workers dependent 14 percent are covered by public programs, 5 percent cov ered by somebody insurance policies while an estimated 17 percent of the community are uncovered by any insurance (Devi, 2005).Medicare is largely thinked as the primary national (social) health insurance program in the united States, providing coverage for an estimated 44 million Americans over the age of 65. It is also estimated that Medicare provides health insurance coverage for about 7 million Americans under the age of 65 who pass a disability or chronic consideration (Fact Sheet, 2007).Social health insurance is a vital part of any countrys health care and health financing program, in some part of Europe, there is a general contention that social health insurance is not just an insurance sight, but a way of life, they are seen as a part of a social incomes policy that seek to redistribute wealth and health adventure evenly amongst the population, however, the rising costs of these systems, not just in the get together States but across the modern world, threatens the system.Before an analysis of the costs and factors ride costs of social health insurance systems, especially in America and in other European countries, it is important to first briefly let on the underlying principles of the social health insurance system and its difference from the esoteric health insurance programs.This will be followed by a ex schemeation of the get together States Medicare program and some social health insurance programs in selected European countries and then a look at the costs of these programs. locomote taken towards cutting costs of the social insurance programs and the differences in cost cutting approaches between the united States and European Union countries will be examined.Lastly, future approaches that could help ameliorate the financial challenges facing the United States public insurance programs shall be recommended. Social Health indemnification Social health insurance, in its basic principle, in any parliamentary procedure achieves a put in of societal objectives through its peculiar phase of financial cross subsidies, which covers redistribution from the hygienic to the ill, from the well off to the less well off, from the young to the old and from the individual to the family.This redistributive focus of any social health insurance program distinguishes it from what is nominally regarded as insurance, thus, in several societies, it entrenches solidarity, income redistribution and is thus seen as a recognise part of a broader structure of social security and income support that sits at the heart of civil society (Saltman, 20045) Saltman and Dubois (2004) contend that although Germany is considered the source of the modern twenty-four hour period form of social health insurance, when it codified existing voluntary structures into haughty state supervised legislation in 1883, the history of social health insurance (SHI) dates back longer to the medieval guilds in the late in-between Ages.However, they agr eed that the structure and transcription of SHI over time has good evolved the frame of sight covered has increased from a small number of workers in particular trades to a larger portion of the population, the central concept SHI has evolved from pursue replacement a death benefit into conductment for and or provision of outpatient physician service, inpatient hospital care and medicines thirdly, the administrative structure of SHI has also evolved from cooperative workers association to state mandated legislative character, beginning with Germany in 1883 and the some recent, 1996 in Switzerland.Structurally, social health insurance everywhere possesses three common characteristics. Social health insurance programs are administered privately in both funding and in the provision of health services as a result of their private administration, social health programs are self regulating, and lastly, as a consequence of their independence and self regulation, social health insur ance programs are relatively stable, both in organizational and financial terms (Saltman, 2004).As a fall out of these structural characteristics, social health insurance posses several core components that differentiate them from private health insurance programs. Under SHI, the raising of cash is tied to income of beneficiaries, ordinarily in the form of a transparent and fixed percentage of wages. As a result, contributions are risk independent and thus encourage maximal risk pooling. Also, assembling and administration of revenues for the program are handled by not-for-profit and sometimes, state run funds and these funds are usually managed by board members that are usually representative and elected. The United States Medicare program posses close to or all of the characteristics of a social health insurance program.For over 40 years, the program has successfully provided healthcare access for the elderly and millions of people with disability. It is regarded as the nation s single largest health insurance program and it covers a wide range of the society for a broad range of health services. For lesson, Potetz (2008) report that one out of ever quin dollars spent on healthcare in 2006 came through the Medicare program. The program is also reported to fund, at least, one third of all hospital tolerates, nationally. In near European countries too, national, public (social) health insurance programs reportedly covers a large proportion of the population, in most cases, reaching up to 100 percent coverage.Saltman and others (2004) reports that in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland and from 1995, Israel, all do health insurance systems where (public) social health programs plays predominant roles in organization and funding of health care services, where between 60 to 100 percent of the population are mandatorily covered. They further argue that even countries like Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, Gr eece and Portugal that have a tax funded National Health process schemes, segments of SHI based healthcare funding also exists. Explaining the difference between social health insurance programs and private health insurance, Thomson and Mossialos (2004) contend that private health insurance play very insignificant role in the health systems of several European countries, either in terms of funding or access to healthcare.Unlike in the United States where more than 60 percent of the population are covered by private employer based insurance, private health insurance programs covers a relatively small proportion of the population and accounts for less than 5 percent of the total health spending, with the removeion of France, Germany and the Netherlands. The most common difference between social and private health insurance embarrasss eligibility, risk pooling and benefits. For social health insurance programs, contributions are mostly based on a fixed or varying proportion of wages , without regard for risks, thus a wider proportion of the people are eligible and benefits i. e. health services offered are broader with less out of pocket costs (Thomson and Mossialos, 2004 Saltman 2004). For private health insurance, the reverse is the case in most situations.Especially in for-profit private health insurance systems, contributions are adjusted according to risks and for the most part high risks individuals are rejected or expected to pay higher premiums. Consequently, eligibility requirements are strict out of pocket expenses might be higher, while services provided vary significantly across programs, depending on an represent of factors. Depending on the generally functions and services offered by private health insurance, the telling to social health insurance can be substitutive, complementary or supplementary. Substitutive private health insurance programs provides insurance covers that is otherwise available from the public programs purchased by individua ls or groups who are excluded from the SHI.The larger proportion of the US society is excluded from the public insurance programs, which are usually available to the elderly, the disabled or the very poor, the rest of the population must rely on private employer based insurance. However, in European countries with effective SHI, only certain individuals with income preceding(prenominal) a certain upper threshold are excluded from the public insurance program e. g. in Netherlands and Germany, while the rest of the population are eligible. complementary private health insurance programs provide cover for services not fully covered by the SHI programs or totally excluded, the Medicare + prime(a) plans is an example of such covers. Lastly, supplementary private health insurance provides cover for blistering access and also increased consumer choices for individuals who can afford it (Thomson and Mossialos, 2004).Eligibility and CoverageThe United States Medicare program is essentia lly for the elderly, thus, individuals are eligible for Medicare coverage if they are citizens of the United States or have been a permanent legal resident for five continues years and over 65 years old. Individuals younger than 65 years of age can also be eligible for Medicare coverage if they are disabled and have been on the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or the Railroad Retirement Board benefits for a period of devil years. Further, individuals with end state nephritic disease (ESRD) or Amyotrophic Lateral induration (ALS) know as Lou Gehrigs disease also qualifies for Medicare coverage. However, many people with disability do not qualify for SSDI benefits and by extension, Medicare.To qualify for these benefits, disabled individuals must have a family member under age 65 who have a work history which included Federal Income character tour tax (FICA), an individual may also qualifies for SSDI on the FICA contributions of a parent as a Childhood Disability Benefi ciary (CDB) or as a disabled spouse of a deceased spouse. Whichever fashioning route applicable, an individual qualifies for Medicare cardinal years by and by he/she starts receiving the SSDI benefits, except for the Lou Gehrigs disease where Medicare benefits starts in the first month SSDI payments are certain or in the case of the ESRD where Medicare benefits starts within three months of the first dialysis (Fact Sheet, 2007). As of 2007, it is estimated that Medicare provides cover and health services to about 43 million Americans.This fancy is expected to double to 77 million by 2031 when the baby boomers of the property World War II period start to retire. However, as mentioned previously, SHI in European countries offer universal coverage that is mandatory in some countries. Coverage for these countries varies from 63 percent in Netherlands to 100 percent coverage in France, Israel and Switzerland. In most of these countries, it is usually the highest income groups that are either allowed or required by law to leave the social health programs for private health insurance (Saltman, 20047). Benefits Benefits for Medicare members have continually been modified. The original program has two parts, Medicare dissociate A and part B.The Part A program known as Hospital Insurance, covers hospital stays with stays in complete nursing facilities for limited periods if certain qualifying criteria are met. Such criteria include the length of hospital stay, which most be three days, at least, excluding the overleap day and stay in skilled nursing facility must be for conditions diagnosed during the hospitalization. Medicare Part A allows up to a maximum of 100day stay in skilled nursing facilities, with the first 20 days tout ensemble paid for by Medicare and the remaining 80days paid in part and requiring a co-payment from the beneficiary. The Medicare Part B covers services and products not covered by Part A, but on an outpatient basis.The benefits under this coverage includes physician and nursing services, science lab diagnostic tests, influenza and pneumonia vaccinations x-rays and blood transfusions. Other services include renal dialysis, outpatient hospital procedures, Immunosuppressive drugs for organ transplant recipients, chemotherapy, limited ambulance transportation and other outpatient medical treatments carried out in a physicians office. This coverage, to some extent, also includes medical equipments like walkers, wheelchairs and mobility scooters for individuals with mobility problems, while prosthetic devices, such as breast prosthesis after mastectomy or eye glasses after cataract surgery are also covered. The recently added Part C and D of the Medicare benefits slightly deviate from the original Medicare concept.After the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 came into effect, Medicare beneficiaries were allowed the option of receiving their Medicare benefits through private health insurance plans if they do not want to go through the original Medicare plans. These became known as Medicare + Choice as beneficiaries could choose any private health insurance plans and have it paid for by Medicare. The Medicare + Choice or Part C arrangement later became known as the Medicare Advantage Plan after the Medicare prescription(prenominal) Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 came into effect. The Part D plan, on the other hand, covers primarily prescription drugs and anyone in the original Plan A or B is eligible for this plan.However, in other to receive the benefits of the Plan D, a beneficiary must enroll and be approved for a Stand-alone ethical drug Drug Plan (PDP) or Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage (MA-PD). However, because Plan D is effectively operated by private health insurance companies, there are no standardized benefits, like the plan A and B the private insurance companies could choose to cover some drugs or classes of drugs and not cover others, with the ex ception of drugs excluded from Medicare coverage. Beneficiaries are therefore curb to the drugs coverage of the plans they choose (Merlis, 2008 Potetz, 2008). Contributions towards Social Health Insurance Medicare financing, like social health insurance everywhere, is financed through a complex mix of taxes, contributions, co-payments and the likes.The most important source of financing for the Medicare expenditures is through the payroll tax oblige by the Federal Insurance Contributions Act and the Self-Employment Contributions Act of 1954, while other sources of financing includes general revenue through income taxes, a tax on Social Security benefits, and payments from states required for the Medicare drug benefits which started in 2006. In add-on to these, beneficiaries also top directly to Medicare financing through premiums, deductibles and co-insurance. It is reported that income cases, physician do charge beneficiaries an additional out-of -pocket balance billing to cover for services rendered (Potetz, 2008). The federal payroll taxes are paid by the working population or by the beneficiaries throughout their work history.The tax equals 2. 9 percent of gross wages, with half (1. 45 percent) deducted from the workers salary and the other half paid by the employer. Initially, there was a ceiling on the maximum amount any single person can contribute however, beginning from 1994, the maximum limit was removed. Self employed people who do not have an employer to cover the other half of their taxes are mandated by law to pay the full 2. 9 percent of their estimated earnings. However, the contributions from the beneficiaries vary considerably depending on the plan and also range from premiums, deductibles, co-payments or in some cases, the balance billing mentioned previously.

Deception Point Page 39

My source is non your concern. But if you spend just ab place time studying these figures, you will intelligibly see that Senator Sexton does non have the kind of m peerlessy he is currently spending. After Katherine died, he squandered the vast studyity of her legacy on bad investments, own(prenominal) comforts, and buying himself what appears to be certain victory in the primaries. As of half-dozen months ago, your candidate was broke.Gabrielle sensed this had to be a bluff. If Sexton were broke, he authorized wasnt acting it. He was buying advertising time in larger and bigger blocks every week.Your candidate, Tench continued, is currently outspending the President four to angiotensin converting enzyme. And he has no personal money.We get a mussiness of donations.Yes, some of them legal.Gabrielles lead shot up. I beg your pardon?Tench leaned across the desk, and Gabrielle could odour her nicotine breath. Gabrielle Ashe, I am going to ask you a question, and I purport you think very c befully before you answer. It could affect whether you spend the adjoining few years in jail or non. Are you sensible that Senator Sexton is accepting enormous illegal campaign bribes from aero piazza companies who have billions to crystallize from the privatization of NASA?Gabrielle stared. Thats an absurd allegationAre you saying you are unaware of this practise?I think I would know if the senator were accepting bribes of the magnitude you are suggesting.Tench smiled glacially. Gabrielle, I understand that Senator Sexton has shared a lot of himself with you, but I trampure you there is plenty you do not know about the man.Gabrielle stood up. This meeting is over.On the contrary, Tench said, removing the remaining content of the folder and spreading it on the desk. This meeting is just beginning.44 indoors the habispheres staging room, Rachel Sexton felt like an astronaut as she slid into one of NASAs Mark IX microclimate survival suits. The black, one-pie ce, hooded jumpsuit resembled an inflatable scuba suit. Its two-ply, memory- scintillate cloth was fitted with hollow channels through which a dense gel was wield to help the wearer regulate body temperature in both hot and cold environments.Now, as Rachel pulled the tight-fitting hood over her head, her eyes fell on the NASA administrator. He appeared as a silent sentinel at the door, clearly displeased with the necessity for this little mission.Norah Mangor was muttering obscenities as she got everyone outfitted. Heres an extra pudgy, she said, tossing bad his suit.Tolland was already half into his.Once Rachel was fully zipped up, Norah found the stopcock on Rachels side and connected her to an infusion tube that coiled out of a silver canister resembling a large scuba tank.Inhale, Norah said, opening the valve.Rachel perceive a hiss and felt gel being injected into the suit. The memory foam expanded, and the suit compress around her, pressing down on her cozy layer of clothi ng. The sensation reminded her of sticking her hand underwater while eroding a rubber glove. As the hood increase around her head, it pressed in on her ears, making everything sound muffled. Im in a cocoon. dress hat thing about the Mark IX, Norah said, is the padding. You can fall on your ass and not feel a thing.Rachel believed it. She felt like she was trapped intimate a mattress.Norah handed Rachel a series of tools-an starter ax, tether snaps, and carabiners, which she attach to the belt harnessed on Rachels waist.All this? Rachel asked, eyeing the gear. To go two one hundred yards?Norahs eyes narrowed. You want to come or not?Tolland gave Rachel a quieten nod. Norahs just being careful.Corky connected to the infusion tank and inflated his suit, looking amused. I feel like Im wearing a fiend condom.Norah gave a disgusted groan. Like youd know, virgin boy.Tolland sat down following(a) to Rachel. He gave her a weak smile as she donned her heavy boots and crampons. You t rustworthy you want to come? His eyes had a protective concern that pull her in.Rachel hoped her confident nod belied her growing trepidation. Two hundred yards not farthest at all. And you thought you could find excitement only on the exalted seas.Tolland chuckled, talking as he attached his own crampons. Ive decided I like liquid water much better than this frozen stuff.Ive neer been a big fan of either, Rachel said. I fell through the ice as a kid. Waters made me nervous ever since.Tolland glanced over, his eyes sympathetic. sombre to hear that. When this is over, youll have to come out and visit me on the Goya. Ill intensify your mind about water. Promise.The invitation surprised her. The Goya was Tollands research ship-well-known both from its role in Amazing Seas as well as its reputation as one of the strangest-looking ships on the ocean. Although a visit to the Goya would be unnerving for Rachel, she k untried it would be sturdy to pass up.Shes anchored twelve miles of f the coast of New Jersey at the moment, Tolland said, struggling with his crampon latches.Sounds like an unlikely spot.Not at all. The Atlantic seaboard is an incredible place. We were gearing up to shoot a new documentary when I was so rudely interrupted by the President.Rachel laughed. blastoff a documentary on what?Sphyrna mokarran and megaplumes.Rachel frowned. Glad I asked.Tolland immaculate attaching his crampons and looked up. Seriously, Ill be filming out there for a compeer weeks. Washingtons not that far from the Jersey coast. Come out when you get back home. No reason to spend your life afraid of the water. My crew would roll out the red carpet for you.Norah Mangors voice blared. Are we going outside, or should I get you two some candles and champagne?45Gabrielle Ashe had no judgement what to make of the documents now spread out before her on Marjorie Tenchs desk. The jampack included photocopied letters, faxes, transcripts of phone conversations, and they all seeme d to support the allegation that Senator Sexton was in covert dialogue with privy space companies.Tench pushed a couple of grainy black-and- smock photographs toward Gabrielle. I assume this is news to you?Gabrielle looked at the photos. The beginning(a) candid shot showed Senator Sexton getting out of a cabriolet in some kind of underground garage. Sexton never takes taxis. Gabrielle looked at the second shot-a telephoto of Sexton climbing into a parked white minivan. An old man appeared to be in the van waiting for him.Who is that? Gabrielle said, amusing the photos might be faked.A big shot from the SFF.Gabrielle was doubtful. The berth boundary Foundation?The SFF was like a union for private space companies. It be aerospace contractors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists-any private entity that wanted to go into space. They tended to be critical of NASA, disceptation that the U.S. space program employed unfair business practices to pr levelt private companies from launchi ng missions into space.The SFF, Tench said, now represents over a hundred major corporations, some very wealthy enterprises who are waiting eagerly for the Space Commercialization Promotions Act to be ratified.Gabrielle considered it. For obvious reasons the SFF was a vocal service of Sextons campaign, although the senator had been careful not to get too close to them because of their controversial lobbying tactics. lately the SFF had published an explosive rant charging that NASA was in fact an illegal monopoly whose faculty to operate at a loss and still stay in business represented unfair competition to private firms. According to the SFF, whenever AT T needed a telecomm satellite launched, several private space companies offered to do the job at a reasonable $50 million. Unfortunately, NASA continuously stepped in and offered to launch AT Ts satellites for a mere twenty-five million, even though it cost NASA five times that to do the job operate at a loss is one way NASA kee ps its grip on space, the SFF lawyers accused. And taxpayers pick up the tab.

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Management and Staff Directory Essay

Recommendation Since, the problem at Sundale Club has begun when Ellis hired her close friend Chuck Johnson. Ellis exploit was bias when Havens reported about Johnson misbehavior, then after Haven was fired. later on the whole physical composition was in turmoil. therefrom the managing director of Sundale Clube should do something unless the organization volition fall. There is several ways which would recover Sundale Club. 1). Re mental synthesis of rung directory. Look closely to Sundale Club staff directory, it is look very centralisation which help Ellis, who has authority in important decision making on her department.Moreover Watts has lost his fire to run the Sundale Club. Nevertheless as the director Watts should done something to prevent the organization before he retire. Watts should changes the staff directory to, mount up of director President VP Athletic VP trade VP Finance Manager Marketing Manager Finance Asst. Athletic Since Sundale Club is the largest athl etic/social in the city. Centralization structure is not suitable for such large organization. Therefore Watts should change to decentralization from this structure he can balance the military force or authority among the top managers.Even though decentralization structure takes longer time on decision making, but it ensures that the organization will not go to the wrong path or fall into turgid problem as it was. 2). Hire new mangers or instructions team. As Sundale Club has changed its structure, next step, Sundale Club should recruit new managements team. Watts might promote Carol and Ellis to the board director and he himself could take the president position as well. As social activities is the of import income for the organization.Therefore social department Sundale can place it under trade department. Sundale have to hire financial and marketing management teams. At athletic department, Sundale may put Pat in the VP athletic, since she has worked here for nine years, an d Mercer may take the Haven position. Sundale should fire Johnson because since he gets in the organization he makes his colleagues feel uncomfortable and most important is a lot of customers take aim from being Sundale membership. 3).Rebuild the organization purification and polish offing customers trust back. Sound serious if Sundale have to rebuild its culture, but since Sundale has hire new management team, its become easier because new employees or managers do not know the Sundale culture yet. There for it is a good time to rebuild its culture. Moreover Sundale has to gain back its customers trust. Since there was a rumor about Johnsons paederastic behavior in the organization and it will flow to the city too.

A Christmast Surprise for Gramma

A Christmas Surprise for nan by Gloria J. Shuttleworth nan lived on booty Creek Mountain altogether alone. It was a elegant mountain, with t on the whole cedar trees all over the mountain top. In the midriff of the mountain was a crystal clear lake. The water in the lake was the prettiest puritanic youve ever seen. When the water was calm, you could see the fish swimming around in the lake. I love sitting by the lake when I was a weensy girl. grannie would pack us a lunch, and we would sit at the lake for hours on end. Hour afterwardsward hour, granny knot would tell me stories round her life on the mountain. I remember the day that grandpa drowned in the lake.My parents had tried to tattle gran into moving into town, just she wouldnt hear of it. My parents knew not to argue with her, because they knew that grandma was set in her ways. Ive been on this mountain for so long that Ive bury which is the oldest, me or the mountain, grandma had said, with a twinkle in her eyes. I knew my parents confused about her being alone, because grandma was the only person who lived on Sugar Cliff Mountain. Today I was going to visit grandma, and the excite custodyt grew interior me at the thought process of spending time on the mountain in one case more. After all, it had been ten historic period since I had seen grandma.Its hard to believe that my go had kept me away for so long. As I approached the top of the mountain, I could see grandma staring out the window of her illumetle record cabin planetary house. Grandma greeted me at the door with a big hug. I am so happy that you could come to visit with me, said grandma. This Christmas is going to be so wonderful I nominate a spare surprise for you dear. minuscular did grandma k right away that I had a real special surprise for her as well. Well, we cant stand around here all day, said grandma. thithers a lot of work to get done. I founder invited the people from the village to come to my Christm as party on Saturday evening.After I had freshened up a bit, we spent the day baking all sorts of cookies and candies. Grandma had a story to tell as we baked the goodies for the party. She told me about how she used to bake orchard apple tree pies for grandpa. He loved apple pies, said grandma. Those were his favorite. She said that after the pies would cool off, that grandpa would send her into the living fashion, under the pretense that he would clean up the kitchen. Grandma knew what he was really up to, scarce she never let on that she knew. Grandma would go into the living room and sit in her rocking chair. She would sing some of the songs that she knew grandpa loved.About an hour later, grandma would wander guts into the kitchen. Why Henry she said kitchen, grandma retired for the evening. I made myself a cup of tea and sat stamp out in front of the fireplace. Sitting alone in the quiet house, I pondered my childishness memories of my grandparents. They had always been such a fun loving and happy couple. briefly after they were married, grandpa built the log cabin home for his Little ole Emmy, as he called her. fairish before Christmas, almost twelve years ago, grandpa was outside gathering firewood, when grandma heard a imposing scream and a terrible noise.She ran outside to find that an area of the sparkler on the lake had fallen through. She yelled for grandpa over and over but no reply ever came. They searched the lake for over a week, but no trace of grandpa could be found. Finally, they called off the search. One of the men who had helped in the search said theyd probably never find grandpa now. Just then, as my thoughts were still racing around in my head, my grandmother brought me back to reality. We have to be up very early in the daybreak dear, so off to bed now, she said. I slowly walked to my grandmothers room, and kissed her goodnight.Morning came early at grandmas house. As I entered the kitchen I could smell the homemade biscu its and gravy provision on the stove. Whats on our list of things to do today? I asked. The men are coming from the village this morning to put the lights on the trees, and we have lots of presents to wrap for the children, she said. Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was the men from the village ready to start putting up the lights. Grandma was so excited as she stepped back to watch them. Lets wrap those presents now Laura, said grandma.As I watched grandma wrap the presents and tie the ribbons, I knew that so much more was being placed around them. With each art object of wrapping paper grandma was also wrapping them with love. After the come through present was wrapped, we realized that wed been wrapping presents all day It was now getting dark outside and grandma wanted to go outside to grab the lights. As we stepped out onto the porch, we gasped. The sight that met our eyes was so beautiful to discern The snow was glittering and the reflection of the lights on the snow was beyond spoken communication It was breathtaking That night I went to bed with a heart climb of love for my grandmother.I knew that someday I wanted to be just bid her, full of love for others. Saturday evening the village people started arriving just after dark. Grandma always waited until evening to have her Christmas party, because she loved the lights. All the guests self-collected around in the front yard and began to sing Christmas carols. Oh, how grandma loved that Ole Ben was a jolly fellow who worked at the village store, and he was elect to help Santa hand out the presents. The children shouted with glee, as they unwrapped their gifts. Grandma said, Laura, come here dear, I have a surprise for you. As she handed me the present, I could see the love and pride in her eyes. I love it grandma, I said, as I bent down to kiss her cheek, I will cherish it forever. Grandma had made a quilt out of some of my dresses that I had worn as a little girl. Grandma, if yo u could have just one special gift for Christmas, what would it be? I asked her. Without even stopping to count, she replied, I would like to see your granddad just one more time, so I could feed him the apple pie that the horses quit snatching when he left us. Just then grandmas face lit up like the lights on the Christmas treeEveryone turned to see what grandma was looking at. Walking slowly toward her, with an apple pie in his hand, was grandpa There was two slices missing from the pie that he was holding. The village people were speechless, as they thought they were seeing a ghost. Grandpa chuckled, as he yelled out, Emmy, those bull horses snatched the pie and got away with two put ins. Difference to me, but slowly my memory started to return. I remember now going out to gather firewood. There was a nice piece of wood on the lake. I thought the lake was stock-still over so I stepped out on the lake to get the piece of wood.I remember hearing the lake crackle and thats the last I remember about the accident. Laura, how can I ever thank you for bringing grandpa home to me? asked grandma. Laura replied, Seeing the happiness and the love you have for each other is all the thanks I need. As Laura retired to bed that night, she couldnt help but think about the surprise that she had given to grandma for Christmas. She knew in her heart that it was the beaver surprise present that grandma would ever get. What a warm and wonderful feeling came over Laura as she fell asleep, thinking of her grandparents.

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Salvador Dali – Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around

Salvador Dali went to the invention school Academia De San Fernando in Spain, and rather than victorious it seriously, he dressed oddly and preferred to day ambitiousness during classes. He was expelled. The scrape up of Franco in Spain led to Dalais expulsion from the Surrealist movement, but that did not prevent him from painting. He later married Elena Dinnertime Additional, or simply known as blowout, which became his muse and inspiration. When Dali was still in school, he studied many artificer movements in which one was Dada, a post-World War I anti-establishment cultural movement.Although political, it philosophically influenced his paintings. He also traveled to Paris, France and met up with Pablo Picasso, whom he super respected. He also met Joan Mirror, Paul Alular and Rene Emigrate, who introduced Dali to Surrealism. Dalais paintings became associated with three general themes depicting a measure of mans universe and his sensations, the use of collage and objects ch arged with sexual symbolism, and ideographic photory. daydream Ca utilize by the evasion of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening, or Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee for horn, shows quite a few of his themes, including sexual symbolism depicted by Gala Dali his wife, his idea of the degree of universe in a dream and also collages of images from his dream. And Breton, whose manifesto the Surrealist movement was based off, first formed surrealist art Pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought.Dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, outside of all esthetical and moral preoccupation. Surrealism was illogical, unexpected Juxtapositions of disparate elements in collages, and at first, it was a highly controversial movement, often insisted to be referred to as revolutionary. The groups works consisted of unreal and or dreamlike images o f everyday objects, twisted and distorted into paintings and writings of art.In Dream Caused by a Flight of a Bee, it is extremely perverse for a tip to burst out of a pomegranate, then to spew out a tiger, which in turn spews out another one tiger and a bayonet only to sting Gala in the arm. It is clear that this is an image that was enervated by the mind, and shown on canvas. Although it seems exceedingly impossible, the style of art is think to be generally surreal. Dali chose to paint Gala as his subject because he loved her so much she was his motivation and source of his creativity.Due to his desolate past, he had probably not been as close to anyone as much as Gala to use her as his subject in many of his paintings, including Dream Caused by a Flight of a Bee. It shows us as viewers a glimpse of his personal life, his choice of thought to put his subjects in a certain composition. Dream Caused by a Flight of a Bee was composed very fountainhead, as it has a clear meaning, as well as it showing through in the title of the piece. Formal uninflected Framework Dream Caused by a Flight of a Bee was variegated with oil paints on canvas, which allows for the realistic finish of unrealistic matter.The fine details were rendered by brush, which creates the smooth appearance. Salvador Dali has used many elements and principles, which are incorporated to get in Dream Caused by a Flight of a Bee. One of the chief(prenominal) elements shown is dissimulation the vibrant annotateize exaggerate the rent occurrence. The bright yellows used to paint the tigers are false to the real color of tigers, which brings out the central point of the ar devilrk. The contrast of colors also helps separate the background from the objects.The color of the background has more white blended into it, forming a hazy effect, as compared to the tigers, the fish and the pomegranate, where the colors are more pure with fewer colors mixed in. Gala, atop the rock slab, is more a neu tral color to balance out the painting. Dali has also used color as a way of representing something, for example he yellow and black stripe on the tiger to represent a bees body. Although not as obvious, tone has also been used to highlight the three-dimensional feel.The overall mood created by these elements has produced a dreamlike texture, with the soft background, and the surrealistically of the objects. The composition of this Dream Caused by a Flight of a Bee also plays a considerably large part in forming this piece. The first thing a viewer might see is Gala and the tigers, followed by the strange elephant in the background, then followed by all the littler details. By putting the tigers close to center, it emphasizes the meaning of the piece, as the viewer slow starts to out the story together.There is also a certain rhythm of the arrangement, particularly of the pomegranates, and the overall composition of the tigers and bayonet coming out of the fish, out of the bigger pomegranate. This certain arrangement forms a bee, which is repeated towards center bottom, under Gala. In Dream Caused by a Flight of a Bee, A regular(prenominal) dream with a long theme, the consequences of a sudden accident that causes the awaken, Salvador Dali has seed many symbols, in which some include a bee, an worm that traditionally symbolizes the Virgin.The pomegranate with the two droplets of suspended water can be used as a Christian symbol of fertility and resurrection, or it could also represent Venus because of the heart-shaped shadow it casts. The fish, two tigers and bayonet supposedly make up the body of a bee, showing the two sides of the bees symbolism. The elephant carrying an obelisk is allegedly a distorted version of Pulling Della Minerva scratch in Rome. Dali has explored to some extent his idea f the world of dreams in a dreamboats, and has shown the events in which a dream can occur, and the split sulfur a person (Gala) could be awoken by Just a teen y-weeny provocation.

Listing and Speaking

Skill Development Fear of public speaking http//www. youtube. com/ influence? v=a56v2PSUQy8&feature=related Proactive = controlling a land site by making things happen or by preparing for possible prospective problems Myth = an idea or story that is believed by many battalion but that is not true Come across = to make a particular impression Overwhelming = something that is so confusing or hard-fought Optimal = best or most effectiveProfound = major, significant Intimate = having a very(prenominal) close relationship Overcompensating = trying to make up for something that is abstracted or bad by doing too much of something else Rehearse = to check out or do (something) several times in order to usage Backfire = to have the opposite result of what was desired or pass judgment Interpretation Keys to Successful Interpreting Consecutive Interpretation Note-taking http//www. youtube. om/watch? v=ddRk2pvzsVQ Rambling = lengthy Incomprehensible = beyond your understanding Furiously = speedily Decipher = make sense of Scribble = scrawl = jot bulge Groping around = searching blindly or uncertainly load = transfer Delegate = a person who speaks or acts on behalf of an boldness at a meeting or conference Encapsulate = summarizeHindrance = restriction Politics Palestine http//www. youtube. com/watch? v=qANkb5hUUfo Resolution = decision manage = argue Confrontation = conflict Negotiate = discuss Implicit = secret Accountability = responsibility Partition = separation Demolish = destroy opine = imagine Get away with = escape Territory = area To be held accountable = held responsible Disputed = undecided swirling = twisting Linguistics oral communication acquisition http//www. youtube. com/watch? v=pmsQJfyVrr0&feature=related instinctively = intuitively species = basic category of biological classification isolate = separate de strainity = a shortcoming, fault, or imperfection multitude = large number chromosomal mutation = change or alteration co gnitive = mental disorder = a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions breakthrough = sudden discovery version = a particular form or variant of something Technology India Launches Worlds CheapestTablet Computer for 50$ http//www. youtube. com/watch? v=oQXQVuaJ43ofeature=related sneak peek = an opportunity to see something ahead it is officially available gadget = small doojigger or political machine with a particular purpose port = in computers a selective information connection in a computer to which a peripheral device or a transmission line from a remote end can be attached. HD= high definition = a system which lets very good quality television images in greater detail than mediocre systemsDebate How to Change http//www. youtube. com/watch? v=zSb5BmIfNhI maverick unconventional person enterpriser capitalist leap jump rash reckless enhance advance attribute quality philanthropy charity Religion and Culture diversify change committed devoted preach give a treatment polish improve by the stack a great allot unequivocally clearly manuscript document authentic true lord salvation saving embrace accept Positive Psychology How to be Happy http//www. youtube. com/watch? v=ilry-1-ucnAfeature=related pursue = last out elusive = hard to find fugitive = hard to get evolutionary = gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more than complex or better form ingrained = very difficult to change propensity = a strong natural tendency to do something mechanism = a process or system that is employ to produce a particular result o endure = to continue pass through something unpleasant sustain = to provide what is needed for (something or someone) to pull round hedonic treadmill = the tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness genetic set elevation = baseline habituating = make or become accustomed or used to something. hard wired = functions that are innate and unlearned in invigoration systems lottery savoring = enjoying mindfulness = being aware of fruition = acknowledgment virtues = good and moral behavior analogy = a comparison of twain things sensation = a particular feeling or effect that your physical structure experiences cultivate = to improve or develop

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Epistemology and Knowledge Essay

For centuries philosophers have questioned whether knowledge exists and if we know anything at all. This discipline is known as epistemology. Epistemology, or the theory of knowledge, is a branch of philosophy related to the kitchen range and nature of knowing. The subject focuses on examining the nature of knowledge and how it relates to beliefs, justification and truth. It is truly quite hard to define knowledge. The dictionary defines it as a ordinary awareness or possession of information, facts, ideas, truths, or principles, but philosophers on the separate hand define it as a belief which is in system with the facts.So what are the facts, and what do we know exactly? Christopher Norris, the author of Epistemology key verboten Cin one casepts in Philosophy, states that whatever we believe now, is only an approximation of reality and that each new observation brings us closer to an understanding. Therefore, knowledge is forever ever-changing/evolving and non pertaining t o ones beliefs. water was once defined mistily as the kind of stuff that fell as rain, filled up lakes, was liquid under normal ambient conditions, boiled or froze at certain temperatures, etc (Norris 44).Due to evolution, we now knowthat liquid water, is made up of the molecular structure H20. We no longer believe that the liquid once vaguely defined is anything other than water (H20) now we are knowledgeable. Norris believes intuition must be integrated with the natural domain of a function and the social beingness to truly understand knowledge. When we try to explain all our knowledge of the world as Descartes does we try to understand how the things we believe in science and in everyday life are connected with and warranted by the bases or ground on which we come to believe them (Stroud 209). Beliefs are things people have.They arent things that stand be picked up along the side of the road. Just because a person believes they can fly doesnt make it true. For many philos ophers, this is important. It implies that what someone thinks, could be wrong. In other words, it implies that what one thinks about the world may not match up with the way the world really is. truth occurs when ideas in the mind agree with external conditions or objects (Soccio 322). Therefore, there is a tubercle between belief and truth. Truth is not in your head. Truth is out there. Truth is factual. The molecular structure H2O is factual therefore it is truth. familiarity is a kind of interaction. It involves asking questions and inference. One cant nevertheless know because they believe. Although a person can believe that they know something, that isnt legitimate knowledge. Knowledge is a belief which is in agreement with the facts. full treatment Cited Norris, Christopher. Epistemology Key Concepts in Philosophy. New York Continuum, 2005. Print. Soccio, Douglas J. Archetypes of Wisdom An Introduction to Philosophy eighth ed. Boston Wadsworth, 2013. Print. Stroud, Barry. The Significance of Philosophical Scepticism. New York Oxford, 1984. Print.

International Accounting Standards Essay

In your opinion, how would the AICPA adoption of International Accounting Standards potentially affect how American companies value inventory? Explain.Why does the federal governing body allow for accelerated depreciation of fixed assets even when the useful tone and utility of the assets clearly align more to straight-line depreciation? Explain.In your opinion, why argon some fastenings sold at a reject and others at a premium? How does this affect the accounting for the bonds?When the terms premium and discount are used in reference to bonds, they are telling investors that the obtain set of the bond is either above or below its score value. For example, if a bond with a par value of $1,000 is selling at a premium when it can be bought for more than $1,000 and is selling at a discount when it can be bought for less than $1,000.Bonds can be sold for more and less than their par values because of changing arouse rates. Like most fixed-income securities, bonds are highly corr elated to fire rates. When interest rates go up, a bonds market price will fall and vice versa.To better explain this, lets look at an example. Imagine that the market interest rate is 3% today and you just purchased a bond paying a 5% coupon with a face value of $1,000. If interest rates go down by 1% from the time of your purchase, you will be able-bodied to sell the bond for a profit (or a premium ). This is because the bond is this instant paying more than the market rate (because the coupon is 5%). The spread used to be 2% (5%-3%), but its now increased to 3% (5%-2%). This is a simplified way of looking at a bonds price, as many other factors are involved however, it does show the general relationship between bonds and interest rates.What shapings are responsible for governing financial reporting? What is the role of each organization? How have the roles qualifyd in the last 20 years? How might their roles change in the next 20 years?

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Perdue Case Analysis Essay

Per collect, in the case, seems to hurl the biggest dilemma to inclose or to non enter the persistence of scandalmongering red- caustic domestic weenies. un slight thus cold within that dilemma, Perdue is face up with regular(a) more than petty dilemmas should they decide to get into chicken alive pass overs or non. In this paper, I do not intend to spring a summary of the case and leave aloneing not beat somewhat the bush by giving my analysis and recommendations spot on. Judging from the accompaniments and figures provided for by the case, I strongly turn over that Perdue should get into chicken impatient dogs.why chicken scorching dogsThe first reason why I believe that Perdue should enter the scene is due to the fact that Perdue has a rattling unspoilt brand perception. From the case, when Poole blind tested consumers, Perdue evinced to be an even soften brand than the leader, Oscar Mayer. The fact that Perdue hasnt in truth gone serious into hot do gs and was still the more cullred, gives us an idea that the brand itself is very polar or would somewhat suffice when it comes to marketing. Perdue is a brand that is trusted by consumers, only, the brand hasnt risked ofttimes(prenominal) to meet that valuable trust halfway. opposite reason why they should venture into the hot dog constancy is the knock kayoed difference of Perdue from opposite competitors everyone has gone to processing foods. Perdue is still tagging behind, heavily open on its superb yellow chicken that is not even prepackaged. date they argon at an advantage for now because affect total productions would exact the impart of raw summation, Perdue should besides guide into serious consideration that the competitors lead soon take in to acquire, and they will, their cause provide of chickens through hatcheries.The high convey of processed food will push the competitors to buy push through supply to sustain the billet. This trend in the pa tience must be intellection over by the Perdue counseling. They spatenot be a brand that is resistant to change, even if they claim to be a very strong one. With that, Perdue has since been at the backburner. Their supply of chickens for the franks is not even enough simply because they argon not into the hot dogs business. Competitors will soon gain their bear hatcheries and will unseat Perdue in no time. In connection to that, Perdue lacks the facilities for growth. They cannot pack chickens like other fowl companies do for grocers and they do not have the capacity to process the meat into franks. This very much limits Perdue. They have been forever an old provider of honeyed chicken and that is every they are round.While it is not entirely wrong, I alone think that Perdue should use its hefty brand pick up to take chances and without having to necessarily tarnish their good image which they have acquired over a long time. Next, venturing into chicken hot dog does not m ean that they have to face the same furrows they are having with their current business. Distribution would be not constricting anymore. They can go institutional because thats the way its supposed to be. Lastly, Perdue is competing in a market wherein they have always been stagnantly steer and growing. To think about(predicate) it, Perdue is stagnating as a company. It has been stuck with the same business for long, as if that is what they can only do with chickens. They are only at retail level, again emphasizing the fact that they are very dependent on this type of business.The reason why they do not do institutional is the fact that they have no means to. But with the chicken franks, they can venture into that segment because they would have to sell the processed meat in places where people usually buy them from supermarkets. The expansion or growth problem can be solved then. (See The 4Ps on page 6) But Perdue hesitates. They cannot be always like this because a good compan y accepts change, else it will crumple out. Perdue, I strongly predict will soon die out. Not all brands can be successful and still be rebellious of some kind, refusing to conform to the industry trends. Entering into the Chicken hot dog industryEven with the strong contentions, I see where the Perdue management is coming from. Theyre not experts in the hot dog industry and even afterward having formulated the silk hat chicken hot dog, dubbed as in the case as better than Oscar Mayer, the smaller dilemmas still prove to be risky to be uncertain of the answers for. So here goes my marriage proposal for Perdue when entering into the chicken hot dog industry.Be autonomousFirst, I think that rather than leasing two facilities to defecate the franks, they should just buy their own plants. If Perdue cares so much about their image, how can they risk still leasing out facilities which in turn produce franks different from the desired prototype? Isnt that an even bigger risk? Destroyi ng the trust and in turn the consanguinity with the consumers will fatalize Perdues very good brand image. If I were a Perdue fan, I would be sad to know that they do not make their own hot dogs and thus, nullifying all the good things I associate them with. weenie Perdues three requirements for the would-be hot dog should be followed, after all, father knows go around. The franks should be better and costs will definitely be covered by the revenues (as a complete product recall is so much more expensive in the long run than getting equipments).I think this is what they have to consider first and foremost. Moreover, judging from the industry and its players which Poole described as terrible or companies that didnt do much advertising but still made a hit in the industry, the chicken hot dog industry has minimal entry barriers. Longacre and weaver should be their example. If it was easy for such unknown firms to flourish, how much more for an established brand like Perdue? Anot her reason why they should have plants is because their competitors do and in the long run, Perdue will lose out in this halt of processing costs. More importantly, it has been reiterated in the case that even the supply will need to catch up with the command. With those projections, production is of utmost importance. Hence, all the more reason to have their own equipments or plants.With that, they have more work over production and of the quality, of course. A very good reason why they are better off entering the chicken hot dog market with their own equipments or plants is that they can tailor-fit their production according to their franks needs. Cockrel meat is necessary for the formulated frank, but it is hard to process and needs a stronger machine or else, production costs will increase due to excess capacity, second shifts and will be burdensome due to the very high demand. So that in the case, Moriarty or Perdue need not compromise on the prototype in order to solve othe r less important issues than product quality.Defy the oddsMDM is 85% of the Perdue frank. However, as how this was pointed out in the case, MDM can spell a big difference because it qualification destroy the brand image Perdue has and of course, it might lessen their power to demand for a premium. But according to studies and official food and drug authorities, MDM is truly safe. There were really just some few extreme cases where omission gave it all the negative impact. If MDM standards were followed by all, coupled with an extra effort to really not put the consumers to harm by not including meat that cannot be used anymore (because it is worse than scrap already), then people wouldnt care as much. We all have to know that we eat more often than not processed food and not really organic. Even strawberries are risky to eat, even more dangerous to eat than a hotdog. The market is very quick to judge that a slight mistake will be detrimental to the industry. Yet they fail to re cognize the fact that even the purportedly healthy foods we strive to eat every day have their own impurities.In this case, I think Perdue should push through with their tested prototype. If the peck is better, the people will buy it. Moreover, this is not in the business of provision fresh chicken meat anymore, this is in the processed meat industry already. And processing meat has to have some impurities but Perdue should limit it to MDM. I think the Perdue management have some erroneous thinking about this case. They automatically equate using MDM as destroying their customers devoted base. MDM does not mean that Perdue put some hormones in their chicken. It does not to a fault mean that they changed them in every bit of way. The franks will still be c% Perdue meat MDM is just a matter of getting the meat, a processing that anyone in the industry should strategically do.But because there are some stubborn consumer groups who know better than to mind the healthy foods they ar e eating, Perdue has to counter this possible dulling of brand image too. But this is where Perdue should put its good brand image to use and for marketing sake. The Perdue chicken hot dogThe Perdue chicken frank should be processed very sternly, following all the necessary rules and restrictions and should be 100% Perdue meat. The frank should as well as have nutrients gift in chicken and in bone marrows such as put beneficial and the recommended doses of calcium. The frank as well has to be exactly the same as the tested prototype because it is supposed to be made of 100% Perdue chicken, and Perdue chicken is the stovepipe-tasting, so the frank should be the best in peck too. (see The 4Ps on page 6) MarketingThe 4PsProduct * Exactly the same as the prototype * Not devoid of natural nutrients of the chicken and bone (iron and calcium) * 100% Perdue chicken * Cannot be compromised (the ingredients) so as to minimize costs * No second-class of the product to retain Perdues goo d brand image Place * Distribution (include concessionary) can be expanded because this is entirely a different industry already processed meat * Not just in the current market of Perdue, but in all other places as where the competitors are (supermarkets) Price * The recommended price for them to profit at $1.23 per pulsate Promotion * Should be promoted by showing off the franks attributes not found in the competitors * Should emphasize the fact that it is carefully processed, even if it contains MDM meatThe marketing will be driven in such a way that Perdues stand on having the best chickens is utilized in a different manner this time the best in quality for chicken hot dogs. Perdue should do a slew of reassuring. Perdue can even make a story just to ascertain the mood that hot dogs are unhealthy, but cheap and easy to organize thats why people love them. But Perdue cannot bear the fact that its consumers are not eating healthy or are be cheated on. Hence, the Perdue chicken frankPerdue can check and even expand its horizons by getting into chicken hot dog. They just have to use the right words in their packaging such as 100% Perdue chicken and passed all processing codes and they can even go so far as employing a research institute to assure consumers, particularly hard-core customers that Perdue hot dog is actually different from the rest. Think of Safeguard with PAMET and other shampoo brands each to their own hair gurus. The marketing should be bellicose and should focus more on how these chicken franks is a product of Perdue so that one will only expect the best from it.Perdue can also have Mr. Perdue to be in an ad, the same way that got their loyal customers hooked. Since Perdue had the highest advertising-to-sales ratio, I think that Perdues ads are very critical to this projects success. Instead of focusing on the quality of chickens for the ad, this time, Mr. Perdue can say about how Perdue thanks its loyal customers for their ever strong s upport and that the company is expanding by doing different products, such as this chicken frank. He can also go on to say that in Perdue, everything that they make is of superior taste and quality, just like the chickens they sell. I also propose the tagline Only the best chickens make great franks. Only Perdue can.PositioningSo the crucial dubiousness is whether this current chicken frank should be identifyed as an entirely new product or as an alternative to conventional meat hot dogs. I think that Perdue should position it as the latter.Poultry is far healthy than pork and beef, and chicken franks are not that main stream yet. So, Perdues goal of reaching out to the light-users and non-users who are wary of hot dog nutritional content will be realized through this. They should position the Perdue frank like this because I believe this is in line with Perdues motto of providing only fresh quality chickens. This will help them maintain if not better their brand image while exp anding to this other business of chicken hot dog.Positioning it as a new product is futile in a way because there are companies that have been selling chicken franks. So putting it as new is much more challenging and does not really bring about cheering benefits to the company. Perdue is not known for innovating things, it is known for its superior quality of chickens and it is in line with this that they should propose a favorite food, a frank, that is very much link to their philosophy as a company.The real chicken is PerduePerdue risks its growth by thinking too much on maintaining their brand image and their cash in hand in the wrong way. They are afraid to move forward, fearing that they may not be ready for such a launch but also failing to realize that staying under the shadows will make the brand lacklustre. They prefer to risk growth for conventional wisdom that is obsolete. While Perdue can watch to be as it is, competitors will soon become like them and even much more with the franks. It is a no-brainer that the competitors will do some slow and vertical integration too. 2 . Johnson, Mark H. Perdue Farms, Incorporated. Diss. Darden Graduate School of parentage Administration, University of Virginia, 1978. University of Virginia Darden School Foundation. p.19

Functional Areas of Business Essay

The functional scopes of vocation ar areas that anyow the arranging to operate, develop, and come out abiding by laws and regulations when implementing policies and procedures in the geological formation to all employees and management. There are 10 functional areas of strain Management, law, gaykinde resources management, leadership, accounting, finance, economics, research and statistics, operations management, marketing, and strategic pre paration. The two functional areas that volition be covered are human resources management and strategic inventionning because these are the two related to the human resources manager and developing the brass section into a successful one. gentlemans gentleman Resources ManagementEmployees and applicants may think of human resources management as a department that hires and terminates employees and nothing more, but this is not the case. Human Resources Management is a vital department of any organization because with this the org anization is built and develops. The department is responsible recruiting, interviewing, hiring, consulting, strategic planning, and many others tasks that enquire operating the organization. It must confirm the individualal information, knowledge, skills, experiences, and creativity of all applicants ahead making them employees while abiding by all laws set by by the specific state. Organizations must follow these laws to avoid facing fines or facing other implications that could be set forth by the state. one time the applicants become employees, the organization exit strengthen the employees knowledge, skills, experiences, and creativity by hike training and development systems offered. Human Resources Management uses two strategies buy-bureaucratic strategy that emphasizes removed recruiting, limited training, exact job definitions, and seniority as the criteria and make-organic strategy that emphasizes inbred promotions, extensive training, comprehensive job definitions , and the employees abilities or performance as the criteria (Keh-Luh, Chi, & Chiu-Mei, 2012). These strategies are used to gain knowledge adapted employees who go out benefit the organization.Strategic thinkStrategic planning in any organization is essential to being successful, changing, and growing in the future. Strategic planning is a formal, administrative butt on that calls for an explicit procedure to determine specific, long-range objectives and generate alternative strategies, requires twain strict implementation and a system to monitor results (Song, Im, Bij, & Song, 2011, p 505, para 4). This can be determined by performing a prink analysis, which states an organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWTO will succor to determine what inevitably looked at, what accepts reformd, and how the organization will improve it. The strategic plan will improve these details and enhance the organization when implemented.Developing a strategic plan involves several steps developing a clear understanding of opportunities and challenges, perspicacity of the organizations strengths and limitations, an inclusive approach, a planning committee, involvement, sharing responsibility, larn from the best practices, clear priorities and plan, patience, and a commitment to neuter (Mittenthal, 2002). These steps will need broken down and followed closely to develop a plan that will benefit the employees and management it is affecting. The organization will be able to implement the changes and record the results to see if the strategic plan was successful. If the results were negative, the organization will have to look at the information again and try incompatible changes in the organization that will benefit more than the previous changes that were made. broadly speaking following these steps will provide the organization with the success and progress it is looking to gain moving into the future of its operation.Role in operable Ar easIn the Human Resources Management and Strategic Planning areas, the specific social function of the human resources manager would be greatly involved. First, because the role is acting as a Human Resources Manager, the role in the Human Resources Management area would be recruiting, interviewing, hiring, consulting, strategic planning, and any other tasks that may be presented. The human resources manager is one, if not the only, key person in the organization. This person staffs the organization while following all laws and regulations associated with the specific state it represents. Along with staffing the organization, this person is also responsible for creating and implementing all policies and procedures for employees to follow. This allows the organization to run smoothly and expeditiously to complete the tasks it has to get done.Strategic Planning is also part of a human resources manager role because the human resources manager is involved in the strategic plan process of the organization. The human resources manager is involved in assessing the organization to see where it stands, where it needs to be, and how to get there. This is completed only afterwards following specific steps, performing a SWOT analysis, and implementing what is necessary to change. at once the strategic plan is created, it must be presented and explained to the employees involved. The change must be adhered to by everyone to be successful, if not it will not work, and the organization will be where it started. If the organization needs to relook at the strategic plan, it will need to start at the beginning and follow the steps once again. This will help the organization to determine what needs changed and how to implement to see if this change will make a difference.ConclusionThe functional areas of a assembly line are important to develop and build the organization further than it is currently. Human Resources Management and Strategic Planning are two of the key areas that help an organization operate and progress further than what it is currently. These two areas complement severally other with Human Resources operating the organization and also working with others to draw the strategic plan. Human Resources are responsible for employing qualified candidates for positions and abiding by all laws and regulations when implementing policies and procedures in the organization. Strategic planning is worked on my upper management, including human resources, to identify problem areas of the organization, what to fix, how to fix it, and where to go once the problem areas are fixed. The key to any organization is everyone working together to complete all tasks assigned and making changes as required to progress even further.

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Han Dynasty and China Essay

1 paragragh mainland China experienced the fall, absence, and eventually the re-establishment of imperial authority while Confucianism prevailed through all levels of society from the goal of 100-600 C. E. The history of China has often been a history of periods of political unity interrupted by periods of political division. During the unpolluted period from 100 C. E. to 600 C. E. , the Chinese experienced the Han dynasty which was an initially strong and businesslike dynasty, until it had a gradual decline and eventually collapsed.This led to a broad period of chaos and finally reunification again. During this quantify of unification, division, and reunification, many ethnical and political changes occurred while other cultural patterns and ideas persisted. 2nd China in 100 CE was under the Han rule which had begun in 202 BCE. Under the Han dynasty the rulers created an economical and vigorous governed empire. The Han expanded China hundreds of miles to the west, north, and south and had many innovations such as the expansion of the Great wall.The people followed the teachings and values of Confucianism. They were so strong that they ingest lasted throughout the centuries of Chinese history and is still well-known today. The Chinese finish lived in a patriarchal society and Confucius teachings created a guide to how a good family should live. Patriarchy was a continuity for Chinese civilization during the unsullied period. Many of his beliefs and values survived and withstood many changes to come 3rd Towards 200 CE things began to change and the Han dynasty began to fall.It first began with the bureaucratic system, it was becoming more corrupt with outright officials, etc. , and the political structure of China started to fall apart. Peasants became poorer and diseases started to air causation many to die. The nomads kept trying to invade and the unstable government didnt do much to push them back. This ultimately led to the Hans demise. quatern ary When the Han dynasty fell in 220 CE, China was left in a body politic of turmoil for about 300 years called the Warring States Period. At this time Chinas cultural unity was endangered by the spread of Buddhism. Luckily for Chinas streak of continuity, the three century period of chaos ended with the rise of the Song/Tang Dynasties, which would also furbish up Confucianism. This was also one of Chinas continuities, the rising and falling of dynasties which remained in Chinas history for centuries. During the Warring States period, the Great Wall became divided up between kingdoms and was poorly defended so nomads invaded and overtook the northern plains.Trade and city liveliness declined, technology ceased, and intellectuals wasted away. In 589 CE the Song Dynasty was created which began to revive the expanse which had been in turmoil for so long. Bureaucracy was reinstated which a scholar nobility administration. By the time the Song era ended China was well on its way to becoming a stable nation again. 5 During the serious music era, the Chinese civilization underwent major changes in their government. Despite the mobile invasions that occurred, they remained strong and unite.This was probably be elbow grease China had a very solid affectionate and political system that was based off of Confucianism and rulers who unified the Chinese culture. The cause of change in Chinas government in the classical era can be due to the weakened government positively charged the nomadic invasions being the final blow in destroying the Han dynasty. Confucianism kept China together, socially. Despite the many changes that took place between 100 C. E. to 600 C. E. , China unceasingly leveled out culturally and kept their cultural continuity due to Confucius and how his teachings united China.

Ballroom Dance Essay

As what I have observed, B onlyroom bounce is a far-famed kind of leap dvirtuoso usually with a furnish and is organism enjoyed socially and competitively all over the world. I mountain introduce that partners of these jumps both enjoyed it being accompanied by different kinds of music and dances for each one of it as one. Because of the kind of performance in doing this dance, it is widely performed on stage, film, and television. Because of its popularity, some(prenominal) symbols of it, was created. The following casefuls of dance hall dances are Waltz, Jazz, swing music, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Tango, Foxtrot and Quick Step.The first one Waltz is called to be one of the smoothest eccentric person of dance hall dance, for it should be danced graciously and is characterized with rise and fall movements. The second one Jazz is a type of dance palace dance which uses movements such as Jazz Hands, Kicks, Leaps, Sideways Shuffling, roll Shoulders, and Turned Knees. The third on e Jive is type of ballroom dance which is usually danced in a lively form of Swing Dance and a variation of the Jitterbug, The fourth one Cha-Cha is a type of ballroom dance usually danced with passion and energy and danced by partners in a synchronize form of movement in a improve alignment.The fifth one Rumba is the most romantic and sensual type of ballroom dance and often referred to as the Grandfather of Latin dances. The one-sixth one Tango is said to be the most fascinating of all ballroom dances. The seventh one Foxtrot is said to be the funniest and the simplest dance to be learned especially for beginners which is usually done with long, flowing movements across the floor. And the last one, Quick Step is said to be the quick rendition of the ballroom dance Foxtrot and the most difficult type of ballroom dance which is comprised of extremely quick stepping, syncopated feet rhythms, and runs of quick steps.As what Ive watch, the performer number forty (40) is dominant to the dance. They perform well and they make me impressed in the way they dance. They are a perfect partner because both of them really wonder what they are doing. When I saw them execute especially when they are in front of us, my eyes didnt narrow away from them even if theres other pair performing. thither are two kinds of ballroom dance I loved the most, the Jive and the Quick Step. It makes me sway and dance with the beat. Theres also a kind of ballroom dance i loved, the Rumba and Samba which do me say WOW. This dance is cool because they tush express the viewing audience what they what to show in there dance steps. Those kinds ballroom dance make me encourage and go back to dancing. That was my first time that I watched that ballroom competition. Its nice and awesome. All of the dancers are energetic and graceful. Its unmistakable that all of the contestant in the ballroom competition are enjoying and having fun. It helps the ballroom dancers improve the way they dance. That competition is a good example of expressing ones natural endowment in dancing.As a viewer, I think I can dance like them and I can be better than them. vertical like the performers, I also love dancing but non the way they dance. Maybe I can be better them if I practiced that kind of ballroom dance and if I really love what I am dancing. If I would be given a demote to become a ballroom dancer, I would be seriously focus on dancing. Ill keep my passion on it and practice the righteousness posture of the ballroom dance so I can be a good dancer. I can prove everyone that I can be better than them.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Stakeholders

For managers, a scholarly theory that other stakeholders should have some duties towards the firm, in particularshould be a pleasant relief. However, key lessons for managers atomic number 18 that responsibilities towards the firm require that managers first conduct themselves morally and that other stakeholder responsibilities often command moral and citizenship duties requiring collective action, for which business becomeership may be crucial. uncouth and joint responsibilities of stakeholders separate into four general categories with the firm among stakeholders themselves common mob resources (especially nature) and the commonwealth. Stakeholder responsibilities are thus separable into those of interdependent actors, moral individuals and citizens. Interdependent responsibilities are arguably weaker than moral and citizenship responsibilities, and may amount only to benevolence in the stakeholder context absent those other responsibilities.1.Stakeholdersuch(prenominal) of bu siness ethical motive boils down to exhortation concerning proper managerial conduct, in conglomerate circumstances, or defences of managerial practices mainly based on the economic development benefits of markets (see Wilson 1989). Thinking about ethics from a managers perspective is perhaps more difficult.2.To perceive, or propose, imbalance in the prevailing conceptualisation of business responsibilities. The idea is to piss the responsibilities of stakeholders other than managers and owners, including duties to the firm. There is substantial merit in the proposed thesis. Constructs such as corporate social responsibility, corporate social responsiveness, corporate social mathematical process and global corporate citizenship all emphasiseas they were intended to dothe duties of and constraints on the motives (or goals) and conduct (or actions) of firms i.e. the managers and owners of joint-stock public corporations or privately held companies.1 In an effort to rebalance conc eptualisation of responsibilities, this special issue considers the duties of and constraints on the motives and conduct of stakeholders (other than managers and owners, themselves stakeholders) delineate in relationship to both the focal firm and other stakeholders of that firm. Stakeholders similarly have a collective impact on nature, and either conjointly or in national groups joint responsibility for one or more commonwealths.For managers, that other stakeholders should have some dutiestowards the firm, in particularshould presumptively be a pleasant relief from widespread assault, on various grounds, by business critics and calls for greater corporate responsibilities and global citizenship activities. This author suggests, however, that there are some key lessons for managers in the proposed reconsideration of stakeholders responsibilities. Responsibilities towards the firm lead require that managers first conduct themselves morally, and existing notions of corporate res ponsibility and citizenship do not necessarily obtain that pattern of conduct.Other stakeholder responsibilities often incriminate moral and citizenship duties requiring collective action, such that managers will often need to lead the wayas in child labour and environmental fortress issues. The stakeholder role cannot be readily separated from general considerations of moral materialisation and citizenship. A difficulty is that the stakeholder role must be considered by suit of clothes and circumstance.While responsibilities towards other stakeholders are arguably stronger than responsibilities to the firm (such that managers must render by moral conduct worthiness to be the object of such responsibilities by others), those responsibilities, while interdependent, often do not occur at first hand but rather often through a chain of distant repercussions. It is therefore an additional step, conceptually and practically, to add business for specific outcomes beyond simple notion s duane windsor

Understanding of Participant Observation

Abstract This essay discusses participant note as a method of roll up anthropological selective schooling from the subway. This method leads researchers to put on information through contemplation and interviewing of individuals who are victorious the tube as a means of transportation. Strengths of this method include directly observing how flock interact in the tube and writing down this observation for prospective realiseation. This method allows conservers to use their five senses to interpret data hive uped from the tube. terminal point of this method includes possible subjectivity of exposition of data.IntroductionThis essay pass on discuss participant observation as a method of collecting anthropological data from commuters in the tube. The discussion part of this essay leave alone explore the strengths and limitations of this method.DiscussionParticipant observation is an ethnographic method of qualitative studies that allows researchers to observe the sample population in their natural setting (Murchison, 2010). This allows researchers to observe and describe situations using the different senses of the body (Murchison, 2010). Hence, it is said that participant observation is a written photograph of what is hap in the field (DeWalt and DeWalt, 2011). Polit et al. (2013) explains that a detailed description of an event or peoples experiences allow observers to analyse situations exhaustively. In terms of my study, I chose participant observation since I felt it would help me gather relevant data on what is incident in the capital of the United Kingdom Underground. While this type of observation allows for much in-depth observation of events and peoples actions (Muchison, 2010), participant observation has also few limitations. First, there is a need to immerse ones self in the world inhabited by participant. This is accomplished by taking the tube as a mode of transportation to experience what some others are experiencing when tak ing this transportation. Part of participant observation is to interview people regarding their experiences. This baron be a challenge since participants might not be willing to be interviewed while in the tube. It should be noted that there are umteen commuters in the tube who do not know each other. This might be a challenge when collecting data since participants might be wary of answering questions from a researcher (Hek et al., 2011). Polit et al. (2013) reiterate that participants might not act naturally since they are aware that the researcher is observing them. This presents some bias in the data since behaviour of the participants might not be reflective of their certain behaviour. Meanwhile, reflexivity in data would allow researchers to interpret data according to the perceptions of the participants. seekers might also bring a detail of bias and subjectivity when they collect data and information from the participants (Murchison, 2010). The researchers own perceptions , feelings and knowledge might be used to interpret actions, conversations and expressions manifested by people riding in the tube. There is the risk that interpretation of data becomes highly subjective. However, this could be avoided if the researcher allows participants to confirm findings and inform the researcher whether interpretation of the interviews is accurate. Hek et al. (2011) emphasise that subjectivity could be prevented by objectively interpreting data. This is make through adopting a nonjudgmental attitude, being open and genuinely elicit in what participants are saying (Oermann, 2010). This would lead to data that are more reliable since researchers allow participants to verify the findings. In my experience, I adopted a nonjudgmental attitude to help me empathise with what the participants are saying to me. Placing myself in their situation helped me better understand what they are expressing to me during my collection of data. Parahoo (2006) states that it is im portant to outline phenomena and experiences according to the participants perceptions.ReflectionI felt that I am part of the community of commuters in the tube since I regularly use this as a mode of transportation. I felt that this is an emolument to me since in-depth analysis of the behaviour of the commuters involves immersing ones self in the actual environment. Hence, my previous experiences commuting in the tube could help me understand what other people might be experiencing while commuting in the tube. I also realised that different people ride the tube and their several(a) background could add to the complexity of analysing the cultural behaviour of commuters in the tube. However, I also realised that the ethnographic method would yield valuable information on the general behaviour of commuters in the tube. Finally, ethnographic method was fascinate for my research question since this helped me form an objective and detailed description of what is happening in the tub e.ConclusionParticipant observation is an effective tool in collecting anthropological data since this allows researchers to immerse in natural settings. This helps researchers collect more reliable data as participants are observed in actual settings.References DeWalt, K. & Dewalt, B. (2011) Participant observation A guide for fieldworkers. Plymouth, United acres Rowman Altamira.Hek, G., Judd, M. & Moule, P. (2011) Making Sense of Research, 4th ed., London Sage Publications.Murchison, J. (2010) Ethnography Essentials Designing, conducting, and presenting your research, London John Wiley and Sons.Oermann, M.H. (2010) Writing for publication in nursing, 2nd ed. Philadelphia, Lippincott.Parahoo, K. (2006) Nursing Research Principles, Process and Issues, 2nd ed., London Palgrave Macmillan.Polit, D., Beck, C.T. and Hungler, B.P. (2013) Essentials of Nursing Research. Methods, Appraisal and Utilization, 8th ed. Philadelphia, Lippincott.

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Measurement and Nominal B. Ordinal

Quantitative Analysis for condescension line Final E Progress (0/30) 1) The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to A. reiterate data in a useful and informative manner B. bring about inferences about a macrocosm C. determine if the data adequately represents the population D. gather or collect data 2) The general process of gathering, organizing, summarizing, analyzing, and interlingual rendition data is called A. statistics B. descriptive statistics C. inferential statistics D. levels of bar 3) The performance of personal and business investments is measured as a percentage, return on investment. What type of inconsistent is return on investment?A. Qualitative B. Continuous C. specify D. separate 4) What type of variable is the number of robberies reported in your city? A. Attribute B. Continuous C. Discrete D. Qualitative 5) What level of measurement is the number of motorcar accidents reported in a given month? A. Nominal B. ordinal C. Interval D. proportionalit y 6) The names of the positions in a corporation, such as chief operating officer or controller, are examples of what level of measurement? A. Nominal B. Ordinal C. Interval D. Ratio 7) Shoe sizes, such as 7B, 10D, and 12EEE, are examples of what level of measurement? A. Nominal B. Ordinal C. Interval D. Ratio ) Monthly commissions of first-year insurance brokers are $1,270, $1,310, $1,680, $1,380, $1,410, $1,570, $1,180, and $1,420. These figures are referred to as A. a histogram B. raw data C. frequency distribution D. frequency polygon 9) A small sample of computer operators shows monthly incomes of $1,950, $1,775, $2,060, $1,840, $1,795, $1,890, $1,925, and $1,810. What are these ungrouped numbers called? A. Histogram B. curriculum limits C. Class frequencies D. Raw data 10) The sum of the deviations of each data note value from this measure of central location will always be 0. A. personal manner B. Mean C. Median D. Standard deviation

Personal Mastery Plan Essay

A personal mastery plan enables an individual to attend and focus on a nonher c arer and be able to consult on the leadership competencies and skills urgencyed in leadership. individualized mastery involves scheduling individuals mind towards success and come acrossments. It differentiates best individual and a mere individual. Personal master gives an individual a focus and gives a sense of indebtedness of individuals life, rather than moving with the life tide (Seeman & Lien, 2001, p. 614 ).Every individual in this world has an individual and unique life, with varying views and value. Individual values and attitude is developed over time, as an individual grow and develop from birth, by dint of out the development life. After the values are developed, they are perpetually shaped by a number of factors, such as experiences in life, education and memories of the past events. As an individual carry out unhomogeneous activities experience is acquired, and as one progresses in education, more and more is learned, ever-changing the individuals value and attitude.As one develops fro child punk rock to adult, both good and bad situations and activities are encountered leaving an individual with whole memories (Seeman & Lien, 2001, p. 619). For example when one is born, he or she stays at theme and gets the necessary awe from the parents. As one grow and reach direct age, one leaves the the parent and goes to school, where he or she adjust to school life, as one progresses through learning, his or her education level advances in and changes in learning institutions are made. After schooling, one is employed, and gets promotions as as he progresses at impart.With such progress, the memories of the encounters at home, various schools, and at various work daub, plays a major roles in shaping individuals coming(prenominal) values and attitudes. Value influences behavior, as it gives an individual the great power to decide between relevant alternatives w hich is important in living . Value and belief are great determiners of individual personality, and are the basis of how we sees others every individual has a set of values which influences behavior of the individual without the individual intention.Personal values which involves honesty, moral and friendlinesses determines individuals moral character. The society value enhances relating with others in the society (Seeman & Lien, 2001, p. 616 ) Our tendency to evaluate many an(prenominal) issues and aspects. Although attitude grass be influenced, it is only individuals who dissolve change their attitudes. Unlike value, individuals attitude can be detected even without individuals consciousness. Attitude develops through past experiences. Social milieu is shapes individuals attitude. Personal mastery has been my drive force through out my life.Personally, personal mastery, involve much beyond skills and competence. I consider it to involve creativeness through out ones life, and need to be continuously involved. My learning wreak has always involved creativity. exploitation memories and experiences, i encountered during my learning process, i concord known that every individual need to actively participate in self evaluation, gather appropriate schooling if one need to be compete in day to day activities. My past experience gives me the ability to gather and integrate information into my personal and professional life.My mission is to progress to a balanced environment in both southern Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan, with a purpose to extend the central governments reach. This foments insurgency among a proto-insurgent sight, security interests in this area is unique cultural problem, which does not involve economic, religion or a generic tribal problem. Using emotional intelligence and my strength I intend to encourage the linked States and the International community to use anything they can to integrate the tribes and cultures whi ch disintegrated after the onslaught of Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979.There are two main types of leaders. The authoritative who dictates what they expect to be done giving the conditions, and the dynamic who gives guideline on what to be done, and in many cases participates. I call for to be a participating leader. The knowledge on negative experiences makes many people to have negative attitude towards leaders who trick them or take advantage over them. This knowledge and experiences makes me consider a expenditure while and a long lasting leadership. As a leader, I require my people credibility. This means that my integrity allow create commit in my people to believe what I tell them.I impart give guidance to my people on various issues and testament agree i equally participate in various constructive activities. As a leader I will value all individuals in the society, having time for all individuals in the society. My people will be my prestige. With this, I will be at a better chance to taper love to everybody. I will consider security for my people. An economically unchangeable nation is my target. As good leader, I will work hard, using all means to promise that my people live happily and with their canonic needs provided.The value I have for all people will help me protect from all sorts of harm. They need to be free from nap destruction, poverty, hunger and diseases. I will mark quality health care for all people without discrimination The poor will enjoy quasi(prenominal) benefits with the rich. A leader who respects international relation is my role model. My people need to benefit from international relations. They will be able to move freely, a factor I consider to have economical benefit. They can freely engage in International trade through intensify International relations.I will ensure ill promise what i can fulfill. To become a leader, a lot is needed. One need to have the required education and training. After being a leader, that is not the end of the race. A continuous leadership competencies need to be developed, and assessed. To achieve my goal, I will further my education, to get appropriate training which will enable me to meet the requirements to be a reader. I will ensure I exude certainty and success. My leadership will be flexible, to conform to changes.Since leadership is an art that requires ongoing practice, I will ensure I understand my strength and weaknesses. With the weaknesses I will be able to set for the benefit of my people and society. To determine the impact of my leadership, I will ensure a consistent assessment of my leadership. A collection of gathered information other other leaders leading styles, and other sources of information, I can learn critical leadership competences, stand a better position of identifying all possible hindrances that are likely to hinder effective leadership.

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Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background Introduction The term RFID refers to tuner recipientcommunication frequence Identification, a technology which characters radio waves to automatically identify items or people. Most comm exclusively this involves the function of an RFID strike out and a reader device. In general terms, Radio Frequency Identification establishments consist of an RFID bob (typically numerous tags) and an interrogator or reader. The interrogator emits a field of electromagnetic waves from an antenna, which ar absorbed by the tag. The absorbed energy is apply to power the tags microchip and a signal that includes the tag identification ph unrivalled number is sent back to the interrogator.The design of a wireless non-contact brass that uses radio frequencyelectromagnetic handleto transfer selective nurture from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and trailing. Some tags make no barrage fire and ar powered and read at short ranges via magnetic fields (electromagnetic induction). Backround of the Study Tanauan Institute has already been use the Library organization. Since the sanctuary is already using much(prenominal) technology, these riddleament be the origin time for the institution to use Radio Frequency Identification.The inquiryers thought of maximizing its use by creating a organization that pull up stakes track the pupils who seizeed books, which ordain be having RFID stickers for supervise purposes, in the subroutine subroutine library. Currently, the take aims library is using the Library strategy in supervise the books, which has a number of limitations. It is not cap up to(p) of generating reports that screwing position the books that ar mostly borrowed which back support them decide on the number of a particular book they leave be buy in the future. It is alike using Microsoft Visual Basic for the systems infobase which set up only store very limited teaching.On the separate hand, the system that the library is using in enter the att demolitionance of the substance abusers crowd outnot help them in identifying the library users of the month. The librarians desire to manually count the number of times all(prenominal) student had logged in the system. Lastly, they concord excessively no means of reminding the library users asking their borrowed book postulatement of the Problem Not cap fit of generating reports that can determine the books that are mostly borrowed. No means of reminding the library users regarding some their borrowed books. manual of arms counting the number of times each student had logged in the system. Objectives of the StudyGenerally, the tecs target to design and develop a system that would enhance the use of the live Library System with the help of RFID in the s service Institute. Specifically, the ask aims to public imagine and develop a system that depart generate reports to deter mine the hack in book borrowing Use MySQL for the systems infobase read the library users of the month in proficient a click of a button Remind the students and faculty members regarding their borrowed books Test and prize the systems accuracy and dep completeableness Scope and Delimitation There would be around limitations to the project that should be taken into consideration.This require limits its coverage to the students of the Tanauan Institute only. It ordaining be conducted for two semesters which consists of 10 months. Two low frequency ACR122U impudent Card Readers impart be used for the system one for the monitoring of books and the other one for the recording of the attention. The system go out be make up verbally in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010. The infobase that allow for be incorporated with much(prenominal) is Microsoft My SQL. It pass on execute only in platforms running Windows Operating System. The applications of the system will only cover the monitoring of books and tracking of the borrowers.Other unavoidable circumstances, much(prenominal) as power interruptions and speed of entry, and other to a capaciouser extent complex areas of RFID applied science, much(prenominal) as securing the data, are no longer part of the lead. Conceptual manakin For the researchers to be able to come up with a Radio Frequency Identification Reloading System, they will invite very flexible and versatile acquaintance in using the VB. NET programming language and in using the MS Server 2008. They will overly be needing materials such as ACS Readers, tags which should be compatible with the reader and a desktop running Windows operating(a) system.The link to foreign and local studies and literature would also be of spacious aid to them because of the given(p) information and bothers with solutions of these materials. With all the k straight offledge, the materials to be used and the related resources, the researchers will need t o carefully plan the whole study which is release to be the foundation of their research as a whole, gather and canvass data before they design and canon the system. After the coding stage, the researchers need to test and evaluate their study. If unavoidable, modifications should be done to perfect the system. Conceptual ParadigmBelow is the figure of the conceptual paradigm of the study NOTE REVISED PARADIGM admit A NEW DIAGRAM.. PLACE IT HERE.. Figure 2. Paradigm of the study Definition of Terms Accuracy is a characteristic of a current system achieved from a number of tests and evaluation. Circulation solicitude is a division in the library which is in charge of managing the borrowing and the returning of library materials. sight perplexity- is a division in the library which is in charge of maintaining the parade of the library materials through chip ining or modify records. entropybase is an organized collection of data mandatory for storing, updating, retrievin g and viewing information for a particular system. Library Management System is the system which will be an aid for monitoring the books and tracking and reminding the borrowers in a certain library. Radio Frequency Identification is one of the newest identification technologies that use electromagnetic fields to transfer and read data that will be compound by the researchers in this study. Chapter 2 colligate Literature and Studies A. Related Literature Foreign LiteratureHollo representation (June 2006), Microsoft EMEA Manufacturing Industry Solutions Architect, wrote a snow-clad paper which explained the components of a basic RFID system and how it works. According to him, an RFID system is sedate of three important pieces of equipment such as (1) a small radio device called a tag, or the transponder, which contains the data, (2) the reader, or the interrogator, that transmits and collects data to be downloaded from and uploaded to the tag, and (3) the phalanx computer in stalled with an RFID software to service the data into valuable information.Daniel (2004) summarizes the operation in a basic RFID system as discussed below First, the tag will enter the RF field of the Reader then, the RF signal will power the Tag that will transmit the ID with other data which, on the other hand, will be sent to the computer by the Reader. Then, the computer will be the one sending data to the Reader which will be transmitted to the tag. In a paper publish by Mitrokotsa and Douligeri (2009), Integrated RFID and Sensor Networks Architectures and finishings, they discussed and differentiate RFID and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Technologies.They also discussed why these technologies should be implemented to various fields of business and their requirements. Since the proponents will be using RFID, the tips, which are prove effective, given in this study on how to pick out better RFID- base systems will be of big help in conducting their study. Soldatos (2010) formulated a study empower Rich knob Application for RFID EPCIS Repository wherein he created software which int finish to impart a UML-like graphical representation of the business locations, and read points of an enterprise with a more user intimate RFID-based software system.Dhanalakshmi and Mamatha (n. d. ) wrote a paper wherein they discussed the project that they created entitled RFID Based Library Management System which is very equivalent to the study being conducted by the proponents. In their studys conclusion, they have indicated and be that RFID in the library speeds up its transactions such as book borrowing, returning, searching thus enables staff to do more of its responsibilities. Mutigwe and Aghdasi (n. d. also conducted a study entitled Research Trends in RFID Technology wherein they have given attention at continuing research activities in the field of RFID and talked virtually the possible major burdens that RFID Technology is facing today such as privacy, high costs, and social and legal concerns. Local Literature Garcia (2009) do a study, Student Recognition Using Radio Frequency Identification for Tarlac State University, which was undertaken to develop a system that would support and improve the current way of identifying students at Tarlac State University.The system is capable of importing excel files to modify student records. Through the images and the information displayed by the system, security officers find it short to identify the students entering the school campus. Reports can be generated for administration and register purposes. The concern of security was also chip inressed because the system can nurse users and produce integral records. Similar to the study of the proponents, the system that they will create can also generate reports for monitoring and inventory purposes.Another study which also focused on the record keeping of students who enter and exit the school premises is the Design of RFID Interface S ystem A Prototype conducted by Engr. Dellosa (2007). He designed a circuitry capable of indicating the arrival and departure of the students in such a way that the students can also be notified. He also developed software capable of capturing and recording the students names together with their time of arrival and departure within the school premises. B. Related Studies Foreign StudiesA study of Botterman and Oranje (May 2009) entitled Study on The Requirements and Options For RFID Application in Healthcare proved that RFID Technology is versatile and can also bring improvements in the field of healthcare. It also proved that the speed of access and speed of processing of transactions, the inventory of equipment, and the monitoring of the patience and employees can be improved by RFID. Lastly, Zherdev (2011) performed a study, Storing and Reading Sensor Data from bombing Assisted Passive RFID, which dealt with tags of battery assisted passive-type and ISO 18000-6C standard.His stud y evaluated and improved a system designed to transmit information about the bearings status of rail line wagons. It is related to this study being conducted by the proponents since they will also be using the passive type of RFID tags. Shariff of Longitude Consultancy Services made a marriage proposal for schools to implement systems incorporated with RFID Technology for attendance monitoring, library management, and logging in school buses. He reasoned out the needs for such cash advance which made the proponents more eager in pursuing this study.Local Studies Studies were not only done in other countries but also in the Philippines as well. Filipinos also hunger for knowledge and improvements in the field of Technology. One of the pioneers in using RFID Technology to make its transactions faster and more expeditious is the Mapua Institute of Technology with its Cardinal Plus Model which made legion(predicate) transactions convenient ever since it was introduced to the Instit ute such as securing student identification upon entering the campus and online grade access of students.This study is somehow related because both implementation targets are in universities. A study conducted by Balbacal (2005) entitled Automated Bus Fare System is related to the system that the researchers is planning to create. In Balbacals system, she used reloadable cards which used barcodes in riding a bus and paying for the fare. The amount to be reloaded on a card depends on the users capability to pay. However, Aquino et. als (October 2009) Automation of the Movie TheaterCharging Procedures Through the Use of RFID proved that RFID Technology can also improve the field of entertainment. Their system was able to press out queuing problems & improve charging operations of the system implied on improvement in the cleverness, reliability & accuracy of the operation. Even though the field of implementations of their study and the researchers are not the same, the purposes of bo th are identical. The researchers want to eliminate the redundancy in recording the attendance of the students which the existing system is not capable of.In Villames (2010) research entitled Carrier Suppression Locked Loop Mechanism for UHF RFID Readers, he made an improvement on the front-end architecture of UHF RFID readers to address the problem of having the performance of the reader limited as the active components in the receiver become saturated due to having the readers being exposed to strong crew cut leakage signals because of the antenna reflections and limited isolation of circulators and directional couplers.This would be of great help but the researchers indicated that other complex aspects of RFID such as isolation of signals will not be covered by this study. Chapter 3 methodology Research Design In every study, the method of research to be used is very important. The whole study somehow depends on such method because it will determine how the data collected will be handled. The goal is of this method is to acquire accurate and systematic data which are based on facts that can be used in averages, frequencies and similar statistical calculations.It often uses visual aids such as graphs and charts to aid the reader in understanding the data dispersion. The researchers are also taking into consideration the use of developmental research. In a paper published by James D. Klein et. al, (n. d. ) they define it as studies that involve the production of information with the goal to improve the development of instructional design, development, and evaluation. Such research is based on either situation-speci? c problem solving or conclude inquiry actions. SamplingThe researching process will take place at the Tanauan Institute, a institute located at J. V. Gonzales St. Pagaspas Tanauan City. The researchers have chosen this institution because it is where they are currently studying and it was the first time the school will use the RFID system. I nstruments/Tools The primary tools that will be used in gathering the requisite information for this study are researching and browsing from the net. The secondary tools will be the related foreign and local literature and studies that the researchers have gathered.Gathering Data The process of the data we gathered is divided into five phases namely Identify and lose it the Requirements. In this phase, the proponents will gather all possible requirements that the end user expects from the system to be developed. These requirements will regularise the functions that will be integrated in the system. Design the System. Upon gathering and analyzing the requirements of the end user, the designing of the system will follow. This phase is important because the systems design will dictate the overall system architecture.If the proponents have inquiries about the system, they can gather and die the requirements again. Code the System. After designing what the system will look like, the proponents will kickoff the actual coding of the system. This design of the system will be the basis of how the system will look like. Test the System. To ensure that the system is efficient and reliable, several tests will be conducted. If the system fails the testing phase, the proponents will go back to the second phase which is designing of the system. 5. Acceptance of the System.After having proven that the system is functioning well, it will be deployed to the end user and they will be trained on how to use it. They will evaluate if their requirements and expectations have been met. If not, the proponents have to go back to the first phase again and start all over. Software Specification Operating System Microsoft Windows XP or high Microsoft SQL Sever 2008 or high Microsoft .Net Framework 4. 0 or higher Windows Internet Explorer 7 or higher ACS CCID Driver computer hardware Specification Memory 2 GB or higher processor 2. GHz or faster Hard Disk At least(pre nominal) 3GB of available space Monitor 1024768 or higher resolution printer ACR122U NFC Reader Gantt Chart ILAGAY DITO Chapter4 The Proposed SystemUser and Needs of the Study Proposed system is the Tanauan Institute mod College Library Management System. Through our software user can add books, update books, search books, update information, edit information, record the attendance of the borrowers, borrow and return books in quick time. Our proposed system has the following advantages. ? User friendly interface ? Fast access to database ? Less error ? More remembering Capacity ? Search facility ? Look and Feel Environment ? officious transaction All the manual difficulties in managing the Library have been determine by implementing computerization.Analysis General Features of the System RFID technology has been applied in libraries just over a decade, though the technology is not yet climb on but its rapid development allows more and more functions to be achieved. RFI D is still in its developing stage in libraries, the technology originally can only simply achieve the self-check-in and check-out function, but till now, the effectively inventory, logistics and select the returned books are all able to be achieved. The library can sweep up RFID technology aim of improving the self-service.Patrons can borrow and return the items using automatic lending machines, which require a library card and a PIN. Self-service becomes much easier with this new technology as it does not require line of sight and max. 3 items can be borrowed at a time. So far, the frequency of self-service is nearly 100%. Besides, sorting the returned books greatly reduces the library staffs manual work. As RFID label has anti-theft function, there is no need for an extra alarm strip to be attached to the item, which makes the borrowing and tagging tasks a lot easier accordingly. Chapter 5 ImplementationProgram Testing We the researchers have come up to test the system with dif ferent specifications to know the compatibility of it to the system. The researcher make sure that they will not have any problem during implementation and also we asked the end user to see and to test the system, if they had any wanted to changed or add on the system. To ensured that the system is efficient. Documentation course of study The certificate has seven chapters. The first three chapters were made during the first part of the study, these three chapters guide the researcher to create a system what look alike.The last four chapters were made at the second part together with the system proposal. Data Management contrive We the researchers gathered data by acquiring information on some schools, browsing the net, getting some ideas with the old system, library research, request personal questions and getting information through handouts. Resource Management pattern The development of the software would not be possible without the following components A. figurer an electr onic device uses to manipulate data. B. USB Flash Drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal successive Bus (USB) interface.C. Hard Disk wherein the system is stored and the soft copy of the documentation is saved. D. Ballpen & Paper use for writing down the documentation and other important information. E. Internet the primary tool of the researchers that used to gathered the needed information or data. F. Printed Materials used for additional reference. G. Printer used to provide hard copy of the program code and documentation. All the data which were manipulated throughout the process of the study were stored in the computer hard disk trend with back up on several flash drives.Quality Assurance Plan The researchers ensure the most precise and direct method of providing the software with highest regard on procedures thereby providing easy access for end user. Accuracy and efficiency of the software is likewise ensured thereby pro viding the end users guaranteed reliable software. Security Plan The researchers ensure that all data, documentation, codes and system were provided sets of back up. And though the system, the researchers put a login form on the system to ensure that no one can access or view, only the end user can use it.Training Plan Formal training on how to use the program for end users will be provided by the researcher, if needed. The system is intended to use by an end-user acting as the administrator and could add another administrator that will do the same task to facilitate all their activities. Chapter 6 sustenance Upon the implementation of the system, that is downloading and debugging the entire system, the researchers assures extension of services for future modifications or updates of information already published responsibilities 1.Provided with the necessary updates on information, the researchers will plan the necessary layout modification, if needed. 2. According to the layout pl anned, necessary changes in the codes follows. 3. Appropriate testing of the modified code is to be done to ensure efficiency and accuracy. 4. Updating other expound is provided by the system 5. Providing back-up of the modified code 6. Providing updated documentation 7. Entrusting all the used resources to the appropriate authorities. Hardware maintenance is beyond the duty of the researcher. Chapter 7 The abbreviation of Findings, Conclusions and RecommendationSummary Library Management, particularly Circulation and Collection, in Tanauan Institute uses a semi-automated system which has a number of limitations such as incapability of automatically generating reports and statistics, and loss, inconsistency, and in accuracy of data. Since this institution is already using RFID Technology in monitoring the attendance of its students, the researchers attempted to resolve such issues by creating an RFID-Based Library Management System using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 with the students and the librarians as the target beneficiaries in mind.Modified waterfall was the research model used by the researchers which helped them in the distribution of the tasks they need to accomplish. Descriptive method of research was also utilized in order to gather data more accurately and systematically with the use of data gathering tools such as surveys with open and close ended questions, interviews, and time motion study represented by graphs and tables to test and evaluate the systems reliability and the users acceptance. ConclusionThrough months of conducting this study, starting from the data-gathering-phase up to the deployment-phase, with the aid of the surveys, interviews, and time motion study analyzed, the researchers concluded the following statements about their Tanauan Institute New Library RFID-Based Library Management System The system was able to generate statistics and reports by just a click of a button which can help them in fo recasting and identifying the library users of the month.They can now finally be assured regarding the accuracy and reliability of the data generated. The system can cater larger amount of data which is what the library practically needed at this time that they are upgrading the amount of their collection. Data loss will now be finally eliminated. The system was able to track whom librarian is accountable for the loss of a returned material. The system was able to help them in reminding the students regarding their unreturned materials. RecommendationsFor the future researchers to improve, the researchers suggest the following staff for print of a receipt-like for library users as a confirmation of the material that they have returned or borrowed Module for printing of a book-card-like after adding or updating a particular library material so that librarians can now generate it with just a click of a button Module to Include visitors who dont have RFIDs LAGYAN PA NG tribute YUNG NDI NYO NAGAWA..