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The Relevence of Carbon-14 - 653 Words

A human skeleton is discovered at a new construction site outside a small town in Nebraska. The remains could be from someone who died within the past 100 years or the past 1000 years or even longer. An archeologist from a local university is called in to examine the remains. He finds evidence that the skeleton may indeed be very old. To determine its age, he uses radiometric dating. Radiometric dating is based on analyzing the amount of carbon-14 in an ancient example of once-living substantial, related to what is found in a current sample of active material. The important material on which it is established is that carbon-14 has always been constructed at the same level in the greater atmosphere for all history. An element is radioactive if its atomic nuclei are unstable. The nucleus holds neutrons and protons; the electromagnetic force separates the protons because they have an equivalent charge, but the strong nuclear force pulls the protons and neutrons closer together. A nucleus is only unchanging if it has an even balance of protons and neutrons, or also doesnt have any extra energy. Radiocarbon dating only works on things that were once alive and are now dead. The level of carbon 14 in an artifact reduces by 50% every 5730 years from the moment that the raw material from which the artifact is made no longer is exchanging carbon with he atmosphere, in most cases this is the point of death of the animal or plant. Carbon-14 is produced naturally in the upper

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The role of a public administrator in the United States Essay

The role of a public administrator in the United States today is as varied as it is essential. Government spending will approach nearly four trillion dollars in two thousand eleven, which means that qualified public servants must be in place to oversee the efficient implementation of government policies. (Andrews, 2011) â€Å"Public administrator† is a term which encompasses a wide range of possible job titles; public administrator’s range from parole officers to policy analysts, and each works day to day to help promote the welfare of society through government spending. These civil servants do not have an easy job; in almost any public administration job there are a plethora of ethical quandaries which will have to be confronted, analyzed,†¦show more content†¦Due to this, Border Patrol agents often have to arrest and deport people who they are quite sympathetic towards. Until the Mexican government straightens out the country, the situation is destined t o repeat itself many times over with no easy answers. Another public administrator who faces conflicting ethical obligations on a daily basis is those who run the education systems. These school administrators are confronted with many issues, none more serious than the budget. With state governments across the nation facing deficits and decreased tax revenue, inevitably school programs will see their budgets cut. A school administrator is often forced to choose which programs will see the chopping block. They have to decide just how valuable extracurricular activities are, and which ones deserve to continue to receive the limited funding available. An administrator might have to choose between hiring a new teacher to improve the teacher to student ratio, or cutting the soccer teams budget for that year. Each choice has its benefits as well as drawbacks, and a school administrator must fully consider the merits of any decision. With the economy still struggling, it is clear that qualified school administrators will have to make difficult choices many times in upcoming years. The struggling economy does not merelyShow MoreRelatedHispanic Administration Essay833 Words   |  4 PagesThe United States is home to over 53 million Hispanic citizens who comprise nearly 17 percent of the entire population. Despite this, Hispanic public administrators only hold 34 out of 435 Congressional seats and 4 out of 100 Senate seats. However, Hispanic leaders are making inroads into the United States political system and paving the way to represent their peers on local and national levels. In conjunction with public supporters and community groups, these professionals are inspiring the nextRead MoreHuman Rights And Public Administration Essay955 Words   |  4 Pagesrights and the part it plays in public administration. In addition, this paper will look at the potential ramifications that human rights writing may have for public administrators. Human Rights Reflection Paper Human rights and its role in public administration go hand in hand. I will offer reflection of human rights and its role in public administration. I will also examine the potential implications that human rights literature might have for public administrators. This paper will include the following:Read MoreHuman Rights And Public Administration Essay939 Words   |  4 Pagesrights and the part it plays in public administration. In addition, this paper will look at the potential ramifications that human rights writing may have for public administrators. Human Rights Reflection Paper Human rights and its role in public administration go hand in hand. I will offer reflection of human rights and its role in public administration. I will also examine the potential implications that human rights literature might have for public administrators. This paper will include the following:Read MoreThe Role Of Public Administration Within Bureaucracy743 Words   |  3 Pagesbureaucracy be a good thing? Many Public Administration theorist, argue that bureaucracy is essential to the growth and expansion of the United States. Most of the criticism of the bureaucracy within the government is based on myth versus reality. Federal agencies play a critical and a valuable role within society and are indispensable to the operations of the federal government. Bureaucracy can be simply defined as the system in which decision are made by Public Administrators rather than elected officialsRead MoreOutline Of A Health Care Administration1328 Words   |  6 Pagesadministration is a very important and crucial role in today’s healthcare system. With an ever-changing national health care system, the role of a Health care Administrator or Healthcare Executive more than ever is needed. Healthcare facilities, organizations, and or offices rely on health care administrators to plan, direct and coordinate all medical health services (United States Department of Labor , 2014). Some areas where one might find administrators are managing entire medical facilities, specializedRead MoreIntergovernmental Relations1326 Words   |  6 PagesIn Partial Fulfillment of the Course for: Public Administration (PA-101-02) Fall 2010 A Critique of: Introducing Public Administration 7th Edition Chapter 4: Intergovernmental Relations Presented to: Adjunct Instructor William W. Johnson, Sr. By: Francis Christopher Cincotti Introducing Chapter 4, the author explains how federalism is a fundamental part of U.S government and how it gives equal power to both national and state governments. â€Å"History indicates clearly that theRead MoreLegal Influences on the State Board of Education1145 Words   |  5 Pagesand authority of the state board of education and local school boards and what responsibilities they have for the administration and operation of schools. The state board of education governs the way that education is directed within the state. They create policies covering a variety of legal issues such as health and safety, minimum requirements for teacher licensure, graduation requirements, rights of students with disabilities, and student disciplinary practices. The state school boards has sixRead MoreStudents Freedom Of Speech949 Words   |  4 Pagesof that future. The United State Constitution guarantee all citizens living in the United States the right to freedom of speech. Therefore, students’ freedom of speech should be embraced and not condemned. Martinson (2000) states that â€Å"freedom of speech is a basic and intrinsic right of all Americans, including students† (p. 145). If freedom of speech is a basic right, why is it that the rights of students on free speech is often violated by society and school administrators? Instead accepting students’Read MoreEssay On Environmental Health Initiatives960 Words   |  4 Pagesimplored to avoid the penchant for living for the day. He reminded the American public that they must always remember to consider how the decisions of today will affect future generations. Societal leaders have expressed this concept throughout the ages. As a result, the current generation benefits, for the most part, from the thoughtful decisions made by the nation’s forefathers. Today, United States health administrators shape many of the policies that will affect the offspring of the current generationRead MoreNewly Insured Americans1311 Words   |  6 Pages How Does the Volume of Newly Insured Americans due to the ACA Affect the Role of the Health Administrator? Olivia Guiney Regis College- Health Administration It has been six years since the Affordable Care Act has been implemented into the United States healthcare system. As the pieces and provisions of this monumental federal statute become understood and executed, it is transforming the demand for care. Prior to the ACA, a significant number of Americans were marginalized and

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Dissertation about Hospitality Regis Hotel

Qestion: Discuss about the Dissertation about Hospitality Regis Hotel. Answer: Use of Butler service in Enhancing the Customer Satisfaction rate: A case study of St. Regis Hotel, Bangkok Aims The Butler service in St. Regis is one of the most popular attractions of the hotel for the last hundred years. They provide great services to the on boarders. However, there has been less number of studies that analyzed the effect of the butler services on the customers. This research aims to understand the customer satisfaction rates caused due to the butler service in St. Regis Hotel, Bangkok. The empirical research on the customers would help in determining the actual effectiveness of the service. The findings of this research would help in providing suitable recommendations to the hotel authorities regarding any modifications in the Butler service which would enhance the customer satisfaction rates. Research Objectives The above aim would be fulfilled by adhering to the following research objectives- Reviewing the current literature to understand the average number of happy customers at St. Regis Hotel Investigate the number of satisfied customers who use the butler service at St. Regis Hotel Compare the customer satisfaction of butler services and non-butler services at St. Regis Hotel Identify the repeat customer rate in St. Regis Hotel and how many of them had opted for Butler service before Research Questions What is the average rate of happy customers at St. Regis Hotel? What is the satisfaction rate of the customers using the Butler service? What is the rate of the repeat customers at the hotel and how many of them had opted for butler service before? Attitude and Perception of Swiss Customers Towards St. Regis Butler Service Aims The St. Regis Butler service has provided world class services to the customers since a long time. However, there has been little research on the perception of the customers towards the butler service, especially Swiss customers. This research aims to seek the perception of the Swiss customers towards the Butler service of St. Regis. It aims to explore the attitudes, beliefs and perception of the Swiss nationals regarding the butler service during their stay at St. Regis Hotel. The research findings would help in providing suitable suggestions to the management regarding improving the customer perception among the Swiss nationals. Research Objectives The above aims would be accomplished by satisfying the following research objectives- Investigate the attitudes of the Swiss customers towards the St. Regis Butler service Measure the perception of Swiss nationals regarding the service opted at St. Regis Butler service Explore the belief of the customers regarding the quality of butler services provided at St. Regis Measure the number of Swiss customers in St. Regis and analyze their understanding of the butler service Research Questions What do the Swiss customers feel about the butler service at St. Regis Hotel? Are the Swiss customers happy regarding the butler service of St. Regis? What is the general perception of the Swiss customers regarding St. Regiss butler service? Bibliography Bradi?, M., Kosar, L. and Kalenjuk, B., 2013. Business Guests Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry: A Case Study of North American Hotel Chains.Turizam,17(2), pp.60-70. Chen, K.H., Liu, H.H. and Chang, F.H., 2013. Essential customer service factors and the segmentation of older visitors within wellness tourism based on hot springs hotels.International Journal of Hospitality Management,35, pp.122-132. Pearce, P.L. and Thanksooks, J., 2016. Towards the future of the domestic hotel in Thailand: A timeline approach.Journal of Vacation Marketing,22(3), pp.199-211. Tsang, N.K., Lee, L.Y.S. and Qu, H., 2015. Service quality research on Chinas hospitality and tourism industry.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,27(3), pp.473-497.

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Personal centred approch to care free essay sample

1. Describe person-centred approaches (1. 1. 1) Person centred approach is for example me writing a care plan for a client and basing the care plan around them by asking them questions and seeing how they are when doing activities such as person care. This way i can make sure the client will be getting the right amount of time and care. I would be creating a care plan through the eyes of my client to best suit them. Some of the person centred values are there choice, rights, dignity, Independence and individuality 2. Explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of social care work (1. 1. 2) Everyone one is different even though we may share the same quality’s and skills or culture, social surroundings and so on but no one is really the same. If we start grouping people together and assuming that this is what they need/want then we are not really Viewing each person as different and this isn’t good as instead of embracing the people we look after we will actually be doing wrong and that person who could wash their face still now cant and the client may feel useless and become possibly lazy and depressed affecting the other aspects of their life. We will write a custom essay sample on Personal centred approch to care or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 3. Explain how person-centred values should influence all aspects of social care work (1. 1. 3) Everything I do is for the good of the client I am looking after so I must always be respectful of my client’s wishes by not doing this I effectively abusing my client and not helping my client progress in living there lives. 4. Explain how finding out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual contributes to their care plan (2. 2. 1) If I was to do a care plan I would sit down with my new client and just talk, ask questions and listen to what they have to tell me. By doing this i will get information from the client that we aid them and me in writing the care plan. If they tell me they are used to waking up at around 10am in the morning then I won’t ask a carer to get there for 8am as this would cause nothing but aggro for the client and upset him. If a man needed a wanted a male carer only and I didn’t have a male carer in the area then I would have to pass the client back to social services and they would have to find a new agency as I cant best please the client so what would be the point of forcing him to have a female carer when it’s not his preference the whole point is to base the care around the clients wishes and needs. 5. Describe ways to put person centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation (2. 2. 2) A client may want to go to the shops but have dementia and there a chance they may get lost and not remember where they live. While the obvious choice would be to put a shopping service in place so someone can do the shopping for the client. This will be damaging for the client as they are not being given the chance to go and do something they enjoy and will help them feel accomplished. What should happen is a carer should be put in place who can actually take the client shopping so they can be there to remind the client and support them while doing the shopping. 6. Evaluate the use of care plans in applying person-centred values (2. 2. 3) Let’s say my client has dementia and can’t remember what they do in their daily lives well how are they supposed to tell a carer? Well having someone’s person centred values written down in a care book can be used as a reference for providing care. By doing this it may help the client remember as they will be doing activities that remind them of days past or to engage their brains. 7. Explain the importance of monitoring an individual’s changing needs or preferences (2. 2. 4) Some people get board quickly and going to that day centre that they used to love going to is not for them any more as they may feel like they have done everything they can there or they could be spending their time doing some better or more productive. Just assuming that the person is going to want to keep doing the same thing over and over is wrong. We should promote choice so the client feels in control. You can only eat chicken so many days in a row! It could be that as the client ages certain task just can’t be done any more so coming up with different alternative suggestions will help. 8. 3. 1 Describe factors that influence the capacity of an individual to express consent (3. 3. 1) They may be feeling stressed and not in the right mood to express how they are feeling. Feel pressured into not expressing themselves. Being over powered by a carer/ family member so the client feels as though they don’t need to give consent so are not in control or relying of family members/ carers to make decisions for them. Just not being in the right state of mind due to personal life, the surrounding environment and the clients general health or well being is not so good. 9. Explain how to establish consent for an activity or action (3. 3. 2) Make sure that i have explained to the client what is going to happen and how they feel about it. I will ask for verbal consent and written consent so i am backed up. For example if i want to take unused medication to the chemist i should have a signature from my client as days down the line they may ask where is the medication, What did i do with the medication, i stole the medication for my own personal use. 10. Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be readily established (3. 3. 3) Asking the next of kin or family member would be the first step as they may be appointed to answer for their relative. If the person was in hospital and the nurses could not get a hold of the family member they may take it upon themselves to take responsibility for the client as they will be acting in their best interested to protect and promote the persons well being 11. Explain the principles of active participation (4. 4. 1) If the person you are careering for feels that they have control of their preferences then it will e better for them as they can decide what to do? They won’t feel that they are having power taken away from them. As stated above if the person becomes to reliant on others to make decisions then they will never get involved and just do things that they think are doing them good when really they make not be happy 12. Explain how the holistic needs of an individual can be addressed by active participation (4. 4. 2) 13. Explain how to work with an individual and others to agree how active participation will be implemented (4. 4. 3) We need to make sure that the surrounding environment and setting is suitable. Make sure that the person who we are supporting has their views listened to and their choices promoted. Have the client interact with the people that they will be dealing with such as day centre staff and sticking to agreed appointments. 14. Explain how to promote the understanding and use of active participation (4. 4. 4) It’s about giving your clients the right and choice to actively participate in events while also promoting them so they will have confidence with future events. Giving your client a choice helps them feel in control of their own life. 15. Describe different approaches to support an individual to make informed choices (5. 5. 1) Making sure that my client has enough information/resources and able to talk to someone who can assist them in making a choice. Giving someone a choice on what they want to eat, wear of daily activities is very important as long as it doesn’t bring any harm to the client and is a benefit then choice should be promoted. Even if there isn’t much of a choice to be made you should always try to give one 16. Describe how to support an individual to question or challenge decisions concerning them that are made by others (5. 5. 2) Ask my client what they feel the consequences of other peoples actions may be and how they will affect them. Will it benefit them or cause harm. Making sure they are thoroughly informed as well so. Write down the pros and cons. Some decisions will be made out of their control so making sure they understand why the decision was made will help them understand. 17. Explain the consequences of allowing the personal views of others to influence an individual’s choices (5. 5. 3) In my job there may certainly be carers who share different views to their clients so if they feel that they can’t put them aside they should not look after certain clients as the carer could influencing choices that a client may make for example a client goes to church every Sunday morning but the care is a atheist which is fine but they amy say things to the client to change their view on religion and as a result the client may think going to church is pointless when really it was something that client looked forward to every week, 18. Explain the links between identity, self-image and self-esteem (6. 6. 1) We all have our own identity as we are all individuals and have different preferences and traits that make us who we are. If we do not feel comfortable without own identities then we will find it had to build self confidence and have a high esteem of ourselves. Some people will find they identify within large groups of people and they may share the same ethics, tastes and quality’s so when around these fellow group members the person will feel confident and build confidence. 19. Explain factors that contribute to the wellbeing of an individual (6. 6. 2) Social surroundings- living in a safe environment were a person feels they won’t feel/be attacked, persecuted but feel encouraged to get involved and speak their mind through town meetings or youth groups. Emotional- having good relationships with family and friends. Found memories and people that will be there for them. Education- Having the right to an education that will help with every day skills and future prospects Diet- while a young people such as myself may chose to eat fast food and junk the option should be there for me to have access to healthy food and to information on how my diet will help me or be bad for me. 20. Explain the importance of supporting an individual in a way that promotes their sense of identity, self-image and self esteem (6. 6. 3) If I support my client in a way that promotes there identity, self image and self esteem then I will get more out of my client. They may rely less on me to do certain tasks for them. They will take control of their lives and close how they would like to be supported. It could be something as small as asking what type or dress would my client like to wear? If I keep enforcing the fact that it’s their choice and they should take control of certain situations then they will have more confidence to take control in more difficult tasks. 21. Describe ways to contribute to an environment that promotes wellbeing (6. 6. 4) Getting involved in local activities, Youth groups, Town meetings. Having your say on money in the local area should be spent eg more money in to public libraries or schools. Making sure that the resources are there for the people to use and the information is correct. 22. Compare different uses of risk assessment in adult social care settings (7. 7. 1) There will be a risk assessment of the client to make sure they are ok and not in any possible danger. There mobility, there cooperation, the type of medication they take. A risk assessment of the health care setting in which the client will be receiving care. Possible loose wires bucked up carpets, shaky window fittings. A risk assessment of the carer, Are they fit for work, will they be able to help the client with the certain needs that are required of them. Risk assessments for the day trips that may be planned as it could be that there are a lot of stairs and mobility required of the individual that they just can’t cope with. 23. Explain how risk assessment relate to rights and responsibilities (7. 7. 2) Well the people i look after have a right to receive care from the local authority they then pass the care on to a care agency. The first thing a agency has to do when doing an initial assessment for the client is to undertake a risk assessment to see if the conditions that the client are living in is suitable for their care to be carried out in and safe for the carer that will be put in place for the client. As a carer I have rights to not work in an area that is unsafe to my health and wellbeing. While a client may have a right to go yoga on a Saturday afternoon is it actually safe for them to do so? A risk assessment will help to identify possible problems and how they can be avoided or rectified. We have a responsibility to keep our clients safe but we also need to take in consideration their rights as a human being. 24. Explain how risk taking relates to rights and responsibilities (7. 7. 3) 25. Explain why risk assessments need to be regularly revised (7. 7. 4) Things change as time goes on and that risk assessment that was done on a clients property is now irrelevant as it was done six months ago and since then thieve had the builders in to redo the bathroom and kitchen area so new hazards may be present such as the bath tub is a few inches higher of the ground so it may be harder for my client to get in and out of the bath. It could be that a client’s health is getting worse and they are now bed bound so all the care is taking part in the client bedroom which carers never used to enter so the risk assessment needs to be updated to reflect the change in the care and the setting. The client could need more support with mobility so how will i know how to support my client if im not updated on the risks that can be involved? 26. Explain the importance of using agreed risk assessment processes to support choice (7. 7. 5) The risk assessment that would have been put in place by my care agency would have been done so to reflect and help my client with their choices. If I then decide that in fact certain tasks can’t be done due to fact that I may injure myself of the client then I’m ignoring the risk assessment that has been set out Once you have completed, your Learning Advisor will be able to cross reference all knowledge into Unit 4222-305 of the diploma