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The Haunting Effects Of Stanley Kubricks Eyes Wide Shut Can Be Identif

The haunting effects of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut can be identified as creating curiosity, fear and anxiety in the viewer. They can be understood as painting a mosaic of symbolism in the viewer's eye, and as depositing fragments of concepts inside his mind. The film's slow pace seems to open wide gaps between the joints of the story's framework, causing the viewer to lose his secure sense of balance during the progression of the plot. Eyes Wide Shut is not a tale of terror nor one of mystery or of love; it is not a documentary about a married couple nor a psychological drama. It pretends to be all of these, and in so doing explores the filmic medium and secures the effects of its own elements. Like any film that is carefully constructed, Eyes Wide Shut is the sum of its elements and of the ways by which these interact with each other. The most significant elements of the film are 1) color, particularly red, blue and yellow; 2) sound, such as voices plus external and internal music; 3) camera movement, especially the track-forward, track-backward and the revolving shot; 4) the dissolve, as the main transition technique between shots; and 5) the recursive figures of the Female Nude, Masks and Christmas Trees. Some of these elements are recognizable from the earlier Kubrick films, such as A Clockwork Orange and The Shining, a fact which reveals the signature of Kubrick the auteur. Eyes Wide Shut can be divided into three parts, each of which contains the elements mentioned above. Part I introduces the main characters and their relationship towards each other. Dr. William Harford and his wife Alice attend a party where pianist Nick Nightingale (Todd Field), an old acquaintance of Bill and a pivotal character for the plot, provides the music. The Harford's friend and host Victor Ziegler (Sydney Pollack), introduces his wife to his guests and later solicits Bill's medical attention to save the overdosed prostitute and beauty queen Mandy (Julienne Davis), who is sprawled naked on a divan in an upstairs room of the mansion, while Ziegler nervously gets dressed. On the wall behind her hangs a large painting of a female nude. In this manner, the figure of the Female Nude is introduced as having a dual significance: as a measure for risk and fatality (Mandy), and as a representation of aesthetic beauty (the painting). In the meantime, Alice drinks several glasses of champagne and dances with a pressing suitor. Half drunk and in full coquettish swing, her swaying disposition and her reluctant tongue oscillate between words, like a pendulum pulsating a decrepit waltz. Upstairs, Bill in a demanding staccato calls out to Mandy's dying ear: Mandy...can you hear me? Can you hear me...Mandy? Look at me...Mandy. In both cases, Alice's drunkenness and flirtatiousness, and Bill's tense, yet hopeful tone produce a slowness in their way of speaking and in the overall rhythm of the scenes. This device becomes characteristic of the film, where whatever altered state the character happens to be in (fear, shock, distress, stupor) can be defined as a justifier for the prolongation of his or her oral expression. This strategy of justifiers is used in numerous scenes. In one which follows the scenes of the party, for example, Alice and Bill smoke marijuana and she initiates an interrogation which tests her husband's sense of jealousy. The scene evolves from her dispassionate questioning to her violent reproach, to a daring confession of figurative adultery. Throughout all three phases, however, Alice deals with the effects of the drug and of the mental tiptoeing around her husband's defensive rationale. This is represented by her slow speech. In addition to this, during the confession phase, the film's grainy quality is accentuated, establishing a kind of screen or filter to distance the viewer from the subject, thus creating in the viewer a sensation of voyeurism. This relationship is first established in the initial credit sequence, where Nicole Kidman --or her unknown character-- very casually undresses, as if unaware of being viewed, setting up the viewer as the unsuspected voyeur of the events to follow. Furthermore, the scene establishes the red, yellow and blue colors, where Alice's character is usually set against the

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Energy to a Particular Organization, Charity, or Cause

Why People Should Donate Time/Money/Energy to a Particular Organization, Charity, or Cause Introduction In our day to day lives, people are very busy in their careers or jobs and they tend to concentrate too much on them and a bit of personal lives. This is usually at the expense of giving back to the society through various means that are aimed at making the lives of the less fortunate in the society better.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Why People Should Donate Time/Money/Energy to a Particular Organization, Charity, or Cause specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Corporate social responsibility is a very critical aspect that should be emphasized among individuals, groups and organizations so that the lives of the less privileged or those suffering from a particular problem in our communities could be uplifted. There are various reasons why people should volunteer or donate their energy, time, money and other resources to charities, non-profitable organizations and other causes. This piece of work looks into these reasons with much emphasis being given to why people should invest their energy and resources on Alzheimers Association. Reasons why people should donate time, money and energy to Alzheimers Association Alzheimers Association is a cause whose main aim is to eradicate Alzheimer disease through combined efforts that aim at providing effective care and support to all those suffering from the disease as well as reducing the risk of dementia by enhancing brain health. This is achieved through advanced research. Its vision is to have a world that is free from Alzheimer’s disease. â€Å"The Alzheimers Association is the leading, global voluntary health organization in Alzheimers care and support, and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimers research† (Anonymous Para 2). Like any other charitable non-profit making organization, Alzheimers Association is a cause that really needs support from well wishers to keep it going, in its efforts to help individuals wh o suffer from Alzheimer disease. Disease is a problem that affects everyone in the society and people should therefore take part in helping out those suffering from Alzheimer disease as a way of appreciating the gift of good health. There are various reasons why people should contribute effortlessly towards the achievement of Alzheimers Association’s goals and mission some of them being for individual satisfaction, the victims’ well being while others are for the good of the society at large. One reason is the fact that there is power in giving.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Giving is usually associated with the rich and wealthy but that should not be the case since it is an act that comes from the heart and not the pockets, without any expectations of getting something in return. Time alone is enough for instance sharing with and encouraging the patien ts suffering from Alzheimer disease and people should therefore donate towards Alzheimers Association. This helps people to enjoy the process of helping as they see their efforts making positive impacts like bringing happiness to a person who is hopeless due to some problems for instance pain and suffering like in the case of Alzheimer illness. Donating to a cause helps build purpose in life and also improves ones sense of well-being through allowing for inner satisfaction. It also strengthens a person’s spiritual life and offer contentment and inner peace. This is achieved through knowing that one sacrificed something no matter how little, to help people in need (LaMeaux par 4). People would be motivated to donate towards Alzheimers Association due to the fact that it carries out very essential activities aimed at helping the sick and in taking part in its activities through donation, people will have the inner satisfaction brought about by seeing positive change/impact they make on less fortunate individuals. Donating to various causes also help an individual to be well versed with what happens around people who are less fortunate especially on matters of social injustice. This is so because as people think of engaging in charitable work, they tend to gather more information about the particular group for instance through research. The will for instance know all aspects that surround Alzheimers Association more especially the patients. â€Å"This keep people informed of the social injustice acts carried out upon people and hence be in a better position to make positive moves by effectively challenging those responsible to take positive changes to situations in an effort to save lives and make life worth living for the affected† (LaMeaux Para 5). Another good reason why people should support Alzheimers Association is because the act of volunteering is linked with various physical as well as social benefits. After people engage in charitable acti vities, they tend to have the urge to be more involved including devoting most of their time and skills, for instance in helping the people affected by the Alzheimer disease. This is deemed to help in enhancing ones social networks while at the same time gaining social, physical as well as spiritual benefits. Tax benefit is another reason as to why people should donate to charities and non-profit making organizations such as Alzheimer’s Association. Although this should not be the driving force towards ones decision to donate, it is encouraging. This aspect of tax eviction allow people to pay less for all the monetary and non-monetary contributions and hence they end up providing more and hence helping those involved in a great manner unlike when tax could be imposed (GAO 4).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Why People Should Donate Time/Money/Energy to a Particular Organization, Charity, or Cause specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion From the above discussion, it is evident that it is worth donating ones time, money or even energy to a given cause for instance the Alzheimer’s association. People should take part in what is going on around them and support as much as they can. This is because these causes, organizations and charities have got positive moves and they aim at uplifting people’s lives in one way or the other, an effort that would not be possible without them. There are also many benefits that are associated with volunteering and donations as stated above and people should therefore participate fully. Saving lives or even making lives of people suffering from Alzheimers disease worth living is a good act that should be encouraged among all individuals in the society to help eliminate the ordeal. Anonymous. â€Å"The Alzheimers Association†. GAO. Vehicle Donations Benefits To Charities And Donors, But Limited Program Oversight. New York; DIANE Publishing, 2003. Print. LaMeaux E.C. â€Å"5 Reasons to Donate to Charity†. GAIAMlife Web.

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Integrated Enterprise System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Integrated Enterprise System - Essay Example There are various benefits that are associated with the implementation of ERP system by a business, which include improved network management, enhanced resource sharing, improved data accessibility and reduced infrastructural costs (Ray, 2011 p544). The implementation of ERP may take several models, which could be the workflow ERP implementation model that focuses majorly on the improvement of the channels through which information flows within an organization, or the partial ERP implementation model, which seeks to fix the areas of weakness in the information management system of a business, while retaining some of the traditional methods and approaches to information management, at the expense of overhauling the whole system (Glenn, 2008 p82). The successful implementation of the ERP system requires adherence to certain critical success factors, such as the top management commitment, selection of a competent project and technical team, as well as clear budgeting and goal setting. N evertheless, there are some factors that accounts for some companies tending to successfully implement ERP, while others experience failure. Such factors include the corporate culture of different organizations, inadequate training and the failure to plan properly and set realistic objectives by some organizations (Lam, 2007 p63). Table of Contents Clear budgeting and goal setting 6 Constituting a good team 6 Change management 7 Business process re-engineering 8 ERP implementation models 8 Workflow model 8 Partial implementation model 10 Why some companies tend to successfully implement ERP while others experience failure 11 Inadequate training 11 Corporate culture 12 Inadequate planning, budgeting and unrealistic expectations 12 The benefits of deploying ERP systems 13 Improved data accessibility 13 Saving on infrastructure costs 13 Resource sharing 14 Improved network management 14 Conclusion 14 Appendix 15 References 17 Introduction Information is the fundamental resource for any successful business, considering that it is through the access and use of the available information regarding the product, the customers’ needs, markets, the suppliers and the competitors, that a business is able to strategize its operations, so that the operations will suit into the existing business environment, and thus allow the business to thrive and overcome the challenges posed by the business environment, as well as the competitive forces. The modern business environment has become increasingly competitive, owing to the advancement in technologies, changing customer needs and preferences, stringent legal requirements controlling the business environment, as well as the improved modern infrastructure that allows for easier accessibility to products and services (Leon, 2008 p57). Therefore, the modern business strategies are focused on surviving in the face of stiff competition, through the application of information as the main business resource to meets the needs of the customers, while also fitting into the current business environment. This necessitates the need for a suitable information management system, which allows the business to operate smoothly internally, while also relating productively with the external business environment. It is this need that has seen the emergence and dominance of the

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A critical evaluation of one aspect of contemporary hospitality Essay - 1

A critical evaluation of one aspect of contemporary hospitality management - Essay Example nstances, ordering, deliverance, imbursement, and stocking are commenced and completed by information which is captured by examining equipment with little involvement of human resources. Some hotel chains used to sell their ownership to the foreign investors though still keeping control. This provides them with the capital which was required for further growth. The classifications of regular American Hotel are: commercial hotels, conference centres, airport hotels, economy hotels, residential hotels, suite hotels, casino hotels, and resort hotels (Irs, 2014). The hotel industry varies from privately owned businesses to major global groups with more than six lakh room (Irs, 2014). The international hospitality industry involves the organizations or companies which provide accommodation and food to the individuals. It covers broad range of locations, jobs, activities, as well as economic brackets. The hospitality industry involves four sectors which are beverage and food, recreation, l odging, and tourism and travel. The travel industry moves people to different places while tourism industry offers with services which promote vacations and travel (Teare and Olsen, 1992). The Gaviota Tourism Group (Group de Turismo Gaviota) is founded in 1988 having situated in Cuba. It is the company with the dynamic expansion in the monarchy of the tourism industry in Cuba; present in major travel destinations and is also working progressively for the growth of the country. As of today, the Gaviota Tourism Group runs total 52 facilities amongst villas and hotels, with 19,214 rooms in function, with more than 650 million of yearly sales and also an average annually development of the hotel portfolio of 12.4%. The growth rate of this hotel industry will stay at a point of 20.3% yearly, ending with more than 4,000 rooms every year, therefore doubling the figure of guestrooms which is estimated to reach 46,000 by 2017 (Gaviota, 2014). For more than 26 years of the hotel excellence as

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A comparative study of the use of replacement pile foundations versus Assignment

A comparative study of the use of replacement pile foundations versus displacement pile foundations - Assignment Example The intention of this study are pile foundations as the structural parts that are involved with carrying and transferring the structural loads to the ground at a depth that is below the surface of the ground. The pile foundation mainly consists of the piles and the pile caps. Piles are long members that are also slender and carry out the function of transferring the loads to deep soils which have high load bearing capacities. Piles are mainly constructed using concrete, wood and steel. They are classified according to various standards which are dependent on the type of soil, material used to construct the pile and the characteristics of the piles to transmit loads. Piles are fixed to the ground through such processes as drilling, jacking, or driving them to connect to the pile caps. In basic point of view terms, piles can be broadly classified into two groups; displacement piles or driven piles and replacement or bored piles. Displacement piles are formed prior to being fixed to the ground through whatever mechanism, be it driving, jacking, screwing or hammering to the ground. Replacement piles are formed after a hole is dug into the ground in which the pile is formed. There are various other modes of classifying piles such as the mode of the load bearing material capacity. This paper will however focus on the replacement vs. the displacement piles. A comparative study of the use of these two types of piles will be given... They are classified according to various standards which are dependent on the type of soil, material used to construct the pile and the characteristics of the piles to transmit loads. Piles are fixed to the ground through such processes as drilling, jacking, or driving them to connect to the pile caps. In basic point of view terms, piles can be broadly classified into two groups; displacement piles or driven piles and replacement or bored piles. Displacement piles are formed prior to being fixed to the ground through whatever mechanism, be it driving, jacking, screwing or hammering to the ground. Replacement piles are formed after a hole is dug into the ground in which the pile is formed. There are various other modes of classifying piles such as the mode of the load bearing material capacity. This paper will however focus on the replacement vs. the displacement piles. A comparative study of the use of these two types of piles will be given (Berezantsev, 1961). Classification of pile s Piles are classified according to various means. This part of the paper will look at the various classification methods. Piles can be classified according to the method used for load transmission and the resulting functional behavior (Whitaker, 1970). Pile classification according to load transmission method In this group of piles, there are three subdivisions; end or point bearing piles, friction or cohesion piles and a combination of both friction and cohesion piles. End bearing piles These types of piles perform load transfer to the firm stratum that is located way deep into the structural base. Most of their carrying capacity results from the resistance to penetration of the soil below them. The figure below shows a

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First Movement From Brandenburg Concerto No 2 By J S Bach

First Movement From Brandenburg Concerto No 2 By J S Bach One of Bachs most celebrated compositions, Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 was part of six compositions (known as the Brandenburg Concerti, collectively, though they were mostly musically unrelated) that Bach submitted in March 1721 to Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg as a job application of sorts. Bach, in the wake of the death of his wife, was trying to leave his musical position with Prince Leopold of Anhalt-CÃ ¶then. However, the individual composition dates for the Brandenberg Concerti cannot be precisely determined. The only thing that can be said with certainty about their chronology is that they were all composed by March 1721, the date on Bachs autograph copy, (Boyd, 1993) including Concerto No. 2. (Ironically, Bach did not get the job.) This piece is identifiable as being in the style of a Concerto Grosso. Concerto grosso, literally translated as great concert, was a popular compositional/performance style from the Baroque period, which is localized between 1650 and 1750. Generally, a concerte grosso was distinguished by a small set of solo instruments (the concertino) that interacted in a musical duel of sorts with a larger group (the ripieno), one answering the other. The Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 is just such an example, with the trumpet playing the most commonly well-known concertino voice. Concerto No. 2 was written in the key of F major, and scored for the following instruments: trumpet (as alluded to above), flute or recorder (the original instrument used), oboe, and violin from whose ranks came the solo instruments; and the viola, cello, and continuo (most commonly a harpsichord), which together formed the ripieno. The piece is divided into three movements, as follows: 1. Allegro (without tempo indication) 2. Andante 3. Allegro assai We shall focus on the first movement. The trumpet part stands out most notably, as it is written to be performed in the difficult clarion style, in which the trumpeter plays in the very highest registers within the instruments capacity, using only the power of rapid lip movements and precisely controlled breathing to change the instruments pitch. In Bachs time, trumpets did not have valves as they do now. In most contemporary performances, a piccolo trumpet is used to perform the original trumpet part as the piccolo trumpet is tuned higher. Whatever the case, the trumpet part stands out starkly in the texture of the piece, with its aggressive and lively tones soaring over the sonic landscape within this piece as it mirrors the orchestra and flies off on its own fancies. This trumpet part is considered a worthy challenge for any advanced player who dares take it on. Interestingly, in the first movement, it is the uniquely high pitch of the trumpet part, as opposed to the part it is playing, which endows it with its tendency to stand out. The reason for this is that here in the first movement, Bach toys with the expectations of the genre and has written the concierto and ripieno instruments the same or similar parts during a portion of the movement, rendering them in some cases indistinguishable. Melodically speaking, there are basically two repeating themes, or ritornello, upon which each instrument, whether concierto or ripieno, bases its movements. Even when the solo instruments deviate as they should in the genre, they are still riffing, if you will, off the material forming the two-movement foundation. They move off the first theme in pairs, venturing forth into repeating and augmenting the second theme while complimenting the first theme. Both the concierto and ripieno parts contain a large number of notes within most measures, often clusters of sixteenth notes. The net effect is parts and instruments blending together both textually and tonally. Two instruments that might normally be easily discernable from one another instead may be perceived by the inexperienced listener as one unique and different one playing the same rapid-fire series of notes. This sonic clustering, combined with the fact that the particular combination of instruments Bach specified for this particular concerto, makes the piece stand out and accounts in part for its enduring popularity. As far as overall texture in the first movement is concerned, the piece is certainly marked by a busy set of contrapuntal elements. The texture can also be generally described as somewhat generally higher and thinner, if you will, or at least less full-sounding and spread out than some other pieces in the Brandenberg family or other music of the time period. There is a good deal of sonic transparency, or open sonic space, left by the frequent collective high pitching of the concierto instruments, which are clustered together by virtue of the repeating ritornello. The individual instruments popping off their sixteenth-note creates a very unique polyphonic texture, and where the instruments diverge, also creates a nice sense of momentum which is reinforced by the well-organized and (deceptively so) focused harmonic structure of the piece. The harmonic structure of the piece is mainly a showcase of very deliberate and calculated dynamic harmony, intended to use harmonic elements to ensure the piece propels itself consistently forward, both emotionally and structurally. Specifically, Bach employs strong chord progressions, I-IV-V-I progression in many instances, as opposed to, for example, merely oscillating purposelessly between chords, which would have resulted in a lack of direction in the piece. The underlying dynamic harmonics serve to satisfyingly push along the already organically fluid chord progressions Even though the texture of the music is contrapuntal, and the writing is in two parts, the dynamic harmony is nevertheless much in evidence. (Sutcliffe, 1999) This harmonic structure, along with the other standout elements, are a testament to the sharp planning evident in so much of Bachs work. In particular, this first movement in the piece is so sprightly, energetic, and almost manic in some instances that it is easy to forget that the entire Concerto is in fact a tightly written and plotted piece, that simultaneously allows a certain creativity in interpretation which can vary by performance. All in all, the first movement in Concerto No. 2 is not only a time-honored musical standout in its own right, both in structure and difficulty, but an intriguing reflection of the larger musical trends evident in the classical music of the time, and Bachs own life.

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Physical Therapist Essay

Physical Therapist [pic] Ka’Liyah Matthews Workforce Essentials 7th Block Mr. Boyd Advantages One advantage of becoming a physical therapist is that you get to know more people of different age groups, values, cultures, and faiths. The advantages of becoming physical therapist do not end there, qualified and skilled physical therapy professionals receive competitive salaries and excellent benefits as well. Disadvantages Sometimes physical therapist work long hours. They can get overworked, and have a heavy patient load. If working in a hospital they are exposed to all kinds of nasty bugs and viruses. Sometimes they have to hurt people. Job Outlook Although many people are training to become physical therapists, the supply of these workers is expected to fall short of demand. However, employment growth may be restricted by controls on health-care costs. Education Requirements To become a physical therapist, one must have a master’s degree in physical therapy from an accredited institute and a state license. Moreover, he should possess strong interpersonal skills so as to communicate with the patient and his family. The physical therapy job demands scores of patience from the practitioner. Training Requirements Accredited physical therapy programs offer both master’s degrees or doctorates in physical therapy. Applicants need bachelor’s degrees that include prerequisite courses, which are set by each graduate program. To be licensed, graduates of accredited programs must pass state examinations. Many states require continuing education to remain licensed in the field. Salary A physical therapist’s salary may vary slightly according to the type of employer. Most physical therapists are employed by health practitioners and earn about $73,980 annually. Benefits Benefits for salaried physical therapists included paid holidays and vacations, health insurance, and retirement plans. Self-employed therapists had to provide their own benefits. Work Schedule Most physical therapists work forty hours per week. Those who prefer flexible hours can usually find part-time or consulting work. Work Conditions Physical therapists usually work in clean, pleasant, and spacious areas. Some therapists treat patients who are confined to hospital beds or their homes. Because they treat patients who may be depressed by their disabilities, physical therapists should be patient and encouraging. They need to be in good health and should be able to work well with their hands. Opportunities for Advancement Experienced therapists can become supervisors of hospital departments. With additional education, they may teach physical therapy. Employment of physical therapists is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2014, because the population is growing older and likely to need rehabilitation and long-term care. Advances in therapeutic techniques, especially for trauma victims and newborns with birth defects, should create additional demand for rehabilitative care. Personal Qualities Needed Physical therapists must possess problem-solving skills, resourcefulness, patience, manual dexterity, physical stamina, and the ability to work closely with a variety of people. Physical therapists must work well independently, as well as with a team of care givers. From initial examination and evaluation through the discharge of a patient or client, the physical therapist’s responsibility is to work with the individual to ensure maximal function. A love of lifelong learning, a positive attitude, and an outgoing personality would serve you well in this field.

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Hyundai Card

Definition of ‘Strategic’ Involved or being a part of consciously developed future planning by using design to achieve the organisation’s aim through visual, functional and conceptual integration of design to create its appropriate external and internal identities, products and service offerings and missions. HyundaiCard (HC), a Korean credit card company Even though HC was late for coming into credit card industries, they made a remarkable growth by design management integrating brand identity. Visual integration by design policy According to Borja de Mozota (2003), strong brand identity can be achieved by visual integration.As figure 1 below show, HC redesigned their logo and typeface based on the shape, ratio and angle of an actual credit card, perfectly reflecting HC’s identity (Total Active Media, 2004). With strong design policy supervised by ‘HC Design Lab’, the font is applied to all visual channels in the coherent manner for visual int egration (Total Active Media, 2004). This reflects philosophy and culture of HC to not only customers but also employees to make strong corporate identity. Figure 1: Typeface ‘You and I’ (Source: Total Active Media, online, 2004) 1 DM5554 Strategic Design Management Functional Integration by card designConsumers are seeking to express the image of themselves through purchasing a product or service that meets their self-expression and assertion of individuality (Cooper & Press, 1995). Similarly, they designed an integrated card hierarchy system according to user’s different needs. The credit cards are designed using alphabet, number and colour with their font (Song and Bang, 2006). Moreover, they applied different alphabets to card for different benefits (Song and Bang, 2006). For example, the ‘M’ card reflects ‘Multiple benefits’. Number system shows level of services (e. g. ‘M2’ contains more services than ‘M’, and ‘M3’ than ‘M2’).With colour, they defined premium level of cards (see figure 2). Regarding to card design, customers can understand this concept easily and feel credit cards desirable. By applying design strategy to convey consumers’ lifestyle into product and service, HC successfully fulfills consumers’ needs. Figure 2: Credit Card Hierarchy (Source: Unitas Brand, 2009) Conceptual integration by CSR Design can play important role in achieving CSR for company’s long-term strategic advantage (Koo and Cooper, 2011). As figure 3 below show, HC has been taking various activities for CSR by giving their design talent.For example, HC designed the ‘dreamlibrary' for children who have got cancer and leukemia, bus stations for public and ‘Super Concert’ for cultural & arts dispersion (Unitas Brand, 2009). These CSR activities create positive conceptual integration of brand images. 2 DM5554 Strategic Design Management Figu re 3: CSR activities (Source: Hyundaicardcapital. com, online, 2011) Conclusion Hyundai Card conducts design resources effectively, developing its external and internal identity, creating its product and service based on consumers’ need. It also enhance positive brand image by contributing to society.

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F.Scott FitzgeraldS The Great Gatsby Essays - The Great Gatsby

F.Scott FitzgeraldS The Great Gatsby Essays - The Great Gatsby F.Scott FitzgeraldS The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby One of the most prominent themes in F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel, The Great Gatsby, is of the American Dream. This dream can be many things to many different people, but everyone does have some sort of goal that they want to accomplish in their life. For Jay Gatsby, the dream is that through wealth, power, and financial stability, one can acquire pure happiness and self-satisfaction. This happiness that he is reaching for is to be reunited with his love from days past, Daisy. Before Gatsby went off to fight in the war, he and Daisy had been involved. Gatsby, realizing that Daisy was from a wealthy family, knew that he couldnt financially support Daisy if he were to ask for her hand in marriage. Then Gatsby went off to war and Daisy married Tom Buchanan, who was also from a wealthy family. Returning from war, Gatsby decides to become a completely different person. He begins this transformation by changing his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby. Then, through illegal dealings in organized crime, he becomes wealthy and able to afford anything to get closer to Daisy. Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay (83), and he fills his estate with many luxuries and throws many extravagant parties to impress people, hoping that it will lead him to Daisy. Unfortunately for Gatsby, there is a foul dust that preys on him (6). This foul dust is made up of societys twisted views of the classes. Tom, Daisys husband believes that because he is from a wealthy family, then he can do whatever pleases him, which, in this case, is an affair. Because Gatsby is part of the nouveau riche, he is not as accepted and welcome into that class of society. Gatsby, however, will not rest until he fulfills his dream of pure happiness by being with Daisy. In the pursuit of his disillusioned goal, Gatsby ends up dead and never able to carry out his American Dream of finding true self-satisfaction in life.

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buy custom Future Shop essay

buy custom Future Shop essay The HP Pavilion P6774F PC is the perfect product to meet the complete day to day watching on HD video as well as graphically played games. The desktop PC provides several ways to make the computing experience of any user richer. It is included with 6GB memory system, a AMD phenom II 840T Quad-Core Processor, and a 802.11n WiFi. These futures provide the connectivity, performance and connectivity needed. In addition, the product has a 15-in-1 front panel memory card reader which makes the transfer of music, files and photos easy to peripheral devices. It is featured with a DVD burner that makes use of light scribe technology making it possible to create silkscreen quality labels, custom, and artwork into CD and DVD discs that are light scribe enabled. The product operating instructions are only in English as well as the system software. This is to mean that the Gigabytes and GB are in reference to 1 Billion Bytes (Snider and Ziporyn, 2008). Acer 15.6 Intel Core i3-370M Laptop (AS5742-6458)-Black The Acer AS5742-6458 laptop Aspire is featured with 6GB system memory, an Intel i3 processor core, and LED HD 15.6 display offering efficiency, power and performance. To increase its efficiency, it has additional features like a media card reader, webcam, HDMI connectivity and hard drive of 640GB. The product works best in an environment that is multi threaded with processors such as the Intel Core i3-370M and performs faster with a memory system of up to 6GB. The laptop operates in multiple application watch movies and windows with impressive color and details on the backlit HD display 15.6 display. Customers enjoy most its ability to transfer data to other portable devices which record shop clips, take snap pictures and read video conference. It is included with build in microphone and webcam. The product contains both French and English languages in its software system and operating instruction. Samsung 19 LCD Monitor with 5ms Response Time (S19A1ON) (Snider and Ziporyn, 2008). The monitorhas ultra-high resolution and magic features to bring the whole world in your living room. It is included with a 5ms response team to allow fast- moving images with crystal-clear images. The seamless motion imaging of the monitor presents the games, movies, and streamed content without judder blurring motion and with precision. The magic color monitor gives the viewer a range of enhancements when it comes to color. It is also included with a magic tune which allows the customer to control the monitors color, image size, and brightness to suit any preferences. These features make the Samsung 19 LCD Monitor with 5ms Response Time (S19A1ON) preferable to other similar applications (Kruger, 2005). 2 current software products that would be used in your area of tourism or hospitality from vendor web sites. RezOvation GT RezOvation GT is a Guest Trackers inspired software that has simple interface and is included with new features which make it easy to run any organization in need of hospitality services. The software provides an online reservation through the organization website. It integrates lodging credit cards that are certified saving money and time. Through this software, the organization will be able to have a full accounting and reporting package making management of any organization a breeze. RezOvation GT makes use of the NET Microsoft platform programming which is the latest software technology as well as the SQL 2008. The two guaranteed compatibility and stability for many years to come (Dver, 2003). RoomKey Software In a hotel situation, the property Management can easily use the RoomKey as the software which provides a system that is centrally hosted meeting the demands of inn or hotel size. It offers a variety of services such as internet distribution services, check guest out and in, manage room inventory, handle accounting functions and service guest requirements. The software can also be used to make reservations and process the billings of all the departmeents (Norton, 1999). SWOT Analysis Strengths ShowTell has strategies in place to know its customers one by one. Its direct sales have an easy time on the market as it has maintained a good historical relationship. Weaknesses The shop has a low per unit costs on sales. It does not offer what other competitors are offering like knowledgeable sales. It is yet to earn a national name that will help its products flow easily into the national advertisement. Opportunities The Local area network is a boost for the shop as it is made up of small businesses and home offices. Its internet services provide increasing opportunities as it can easily reach its customers. Threats Most of the sold products make use of old technology thus most clients tend to shy off. ShowTell being a large store that is price oriented, offers huge advertisements that are of low prices making the customers mistake this to poor quality services Conclusion The Future shop offers high quality services and at affordable prices. This is evident in how its newly introduced products behave in the market. The products in the retail shops take into consideration every section of the market demand by offering a variety of products. Most of the products are made according to the international standards, giving room for the utilization of accessories from other manufacturers. I wouldnt think twice to walk into the future shop any time I am in need of any product offered by the computer shop. Buy custom Future Shop essay

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Pronouncing the Phoneme for a Foreign Speaker of English Research Paper

Pronouncing the Phoneme for a Foreign Speaker of English - Research Paper Example Roach (1983) describes four functions of intonation as he explains how speakers employ intonation to communicate effectively. The first is the attitudinal function of intonation, which allows people to convey their emotions through a particular tone. For instance, if one can say  ´Good luck’ in such a way as to convey genuine enthusiasm for someone’s prospects, or else utter the same words in a sarcastic way which betrays one’s envy for that other person. Prosodic (loudness, speed, pitch range), sequential (pauses, tonic syllables), and paralinguistic (body language) components play a great part in this function. The accentual function of intonation serves to convey stressed syllables. Usually, tonic syllables are used to convey information. For example, in  ´I’m taking the children to the cinema’, the  ´tonic stress’ (Roach, p. 183) would be on the word  ´cinema’, since it provides information which the speaker needs to stress . The grammatical function of intonation serves to indicate the syntactic aspects of a language and to clarify certain ambiguities. One could ask,  ´The exam’s tomorrow, isn’t it?’ either by employing falling intonation in the tag question (so that the speaker is merely asking for confirmation) or by employing a rising intonation, so that the speaker demonstrates doubt about the statement. The other function Roach describes is the discourse function, where intonation gives indications about the context of an utterance. Stress tends to be placed on words that convey unexpected information, for instance, "He is actually studying".

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Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority - Essay Example This method would be used to define the tasks and responsibilities that can be implemented in order to convert the firm’s inputs into outputs. Research has shown that TRA has exceeded its expectations by achieving its projected goals in time but this should not be an end in itself but a beginning to an end. Thus, the purpose of benchmarking is to describe the steps that are necessary in carrying out this process whenever the need arises. The management has the responsibility of identifying the metrics of benchmarking as well as implementing it in the operations of TRA. This organization is mandated with the responsibility of carrying out a variety of duties related to the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector in and outside the UAE. To that effect, benchmarking is essential in order to measure the company’s performances against its expected best practices. Basically, benchmarking refers to the process of comparing the processes in business or performance metrics to best practices. Essentially, every business is primarily concerned with achieving the desired goals and objectives and these should be matched with the organization’s set best practices. As such, this paper seeks to critically analyse how the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority in UAE can effectively utilize the strategy of benchmarking in order to ensure that its operations are in compliance with its expected best practices. The main objectives of TR mainly derive from the UAE Telecommunications law. According to TRA (2015), its objectives include the following: ensuring adequacy of telecommunications services throughout the UAE; achieving enhancement of services, encouraging telecommunications and IT services within the UAE; promoting and enhancing the telecommunications sector within the UAE as well as resolving disputes between the licensed operators among oth ers. TRA also