Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The effect on Taiwanese youths caused by mobile and computer games Essay

The effect on Taiwanese youths caused by mobile and computer games - Essay Example t times will be more interested in Television than in their parents, some preferring the sitting to watch TV rather than interact with other family members. The institution of family dinner has been responsible for strengthening the family, and research has proven that youths who frequently sat through one are less likely to be inclined towards decadent behavior such as violence and drug abuse. Today, these times have been relegated in of importance and family diners are hurried affairs with members in a rush to go back to their digital world. The bonds uniting family have been considerably weekend since people seem to prefer to spend times online than with their families (Small). Technology poses a myriad of ill effects for children; the list is extensive from childhood obesity, computer addiction to stunted social skills. Many parents use the TV to baby sit young children, while others buy their teens, pre-teen children laptops, and smart phones, with virtually unlimited access to the worldwide web, failing to consider the risks. Spending too much time watching TV can and has turned many children into couch potatoes, as a result, they hardly leave the house to play ergo get no exercise. Inevitably, obesity and other complications and this may scar the child for life not to mention making them venerable to conditions like diabetes; this is in addition to poor academic performance (Jussof 152). Teens engage in social networking and some of them become fully addicted to their mobile phones, and laptops this is often detrimental to their social skill and ability to interact face to face. Having computers in their rooms allows them easy access to normally restricted material such as extreme violence or pornographic content, this motivates children to attempt what they... The effect on Taiwanese youths caused by mobile and computer games This essay if focused on the effects of technology on the human brain with the view of proving that too much dependence on technology denies the brain a the benefits it gets from a social interaction especially with family. Millions have been laid off to make room for machines, Social skills have deteriorated thanks to addiction to social network especially among the youths and parents cannot be sure their children are safe from cyber stalkers. New crimes have emerged, given way by technology, and old ones have improved as criminals use technology to commit them and avoid detention. This paper will contest that technology despite the many advantages poses a host of problems both overt and covert to an individual, society family and even children who are too young to manage its vast capabilities. There is no denying that technology through communication and mass media information can move around the world in real time, and one learns the news in a different country at the same time as the residents. Cooking has never been easier with microwaves and electric cookers and travelling never aster more effect or comfortable because of developments in the transport. The internet has revolutionized and enhanced nearly every aspect of communication, which is vital in shaping human destiny (McFarlane 2). In this article, the writer discusses the negative impacts of global warming from a retrospective and futuristic perspective. He also mentions the various action attempted by world leader to mitigate it.

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