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DIGITAL AND INTERACTIVE MARKETING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

DIGITAL AND INTERACTIVE MARKETING - Essay ExampleCompany profile and concept Aviva plc is one of the worlds largest insurance companies. It has about 46000 employees and 28 countries. In UK the companys strategy is to establish itself as a single global organization that is relatively fast at fulfilling customer needs. And to support this strategy of theirs they needed a modern human capital management system. Later in 2010 Aviva introduced workday as a global solution to this concern. (Stobbart) Aviva has been a market leader in UK and was best known with its older name which was Norwich union. The companys main spheres of operations are in Europe and although it offers general insurance and other financial services, it generates most of its revenues from pensions and life insurance. The marketing team of aviva takes care of its marketing and retention strategies, member gain ground development for the health insurance business and product strategy. Avivas sales team looks after the development and delivery of sales of aviva in its markets Issues with online presence When Aviva started to dissemble online it met different degrees of success. However some issues faced by the company with its online presence was because of the conservative nature of the insurance industry. There are quite a shell out of technical issues that are becoming a problem. Also the complexity of all the technology involved in net income marketing has been very challenging for the company. some(prenominal) of the technology used by Aviva is used to automate instead of changing already existing business processes. (Ward) The basic problem with the use of websites in internet marketing is that most of the times websites dont appear in internet bequeaths for search words related to your business as a result of which your customers end up never having an access to your website. (Ashmore) In Avivas case Aviva has found online solutions for increasing its efficiency and to cut down on some topic work. These online solutions mainly focus on the needs of financial advisers. This was launched by Aviva in the UK. (Staff) Developing online strategy using new light beams understanding and definitions This solution is for advisors e-commerce platform that was launched in June 2009 and now provides to around 40 000 investors tax, product and technical support related information. (Mail) One of the new features added to the company now make the advisors capable of monitoring and duty period funds online on more than about 1.6 million investment bonds, group, stakeholder and individual personal pensions New feature is e-documents which provide the advisors an access to electronic version of lymph gland correspondence. (Stobbart) The online funds switch solution also has some other features like now customer signatures are not required as the online services flap hold of the entire customers information and removes the need for their signature every time a switch is ne eded. Moreover, the policy fund research tool lets the advisors know which funds are available to switch and an online compliance record of each switch is available. Lastly, a client confirmation letter is automatically issued for each client after every fund switch is done. (Publications) (Berthon) Now talking about the e- documents system, it gives to the advisors access

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