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Caribbeanization of North America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Caribbeanization of North America - Essay exercisingitians fled to the United States during the eighteenth and nineteenth century following political unrest in the mid 1790s, which is unambiguous from their manifest presence in contemporary American society. The continued migration of Haitians in grand numbers was aromatic of the prolonged political subjugation coupled with a severe dearth of opportunity followed by the ensue economic hardships. The illegal migration of Haitians still continues in present day (Fox News, 2002).The Haitians are found in braggy numbers in various parts of the United States of America, especially, in New York and New Orleans where they migrated or were brought as slaves. The sheer number of Haitians in such popular metropolitan neighborhoods where they are highly visible as an ethnic population, account for the transformation of certain cultural habits, establishment of ethnic businesses including bakery shops, music, grocery stores, restaurants , etc which have heavy prominence to their respective cultures and ethnicity. The stores selling voodoo artifacts,provide a representation of predominantly Haitian culture. Besides the Little Haiti situated in the heart of Miami, signifies the settlement and amalgamation of the Caribbeans in America.Haitians are similarly seen in Louisiana where they were introduced in significant numbers between the years 1720 1780. Due to such large scale transformation of Africans in the locality, they soon outnumbered the whites which is evident from the fact that blacks constituted a majority of the population in New Orleans, especially during the first four decades of the 19th century who eventually fled the regions following the inflate in racial harassment and rising restrictions on slaves.The impact of Caribbean influence is however, apparent in American music, dance, arts, literature, as well as religious practices and politics. The Africans brought along with them their strong traditio ns and culture which eventually got merged with that of

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