Thursday, March 28, 2019

what we ought to eat :: essays research papers

Christine Cuomo spoke about many elicit topics on what we ought to eat. She presented a very good argument on how consume meet is what we should no be eating and that rather more cave in foods such as fruits and vegetables argon better for us in some(prenominal) ways and for many reasons. Christine is an ethics professor at the University of Cincinnati and during here manifestation she made arguments that were somewhat controversial about what people ought to eat and what they shouldnt ought to eat and why. Even though some of here argument were controversial she put one overmed to put her perspective in very understandable ways that tear down those against her position would still enjoy hearing what she has to say. She is a vegetarian exclusively is not one to force the idea on you, and she still eats discontinue and drink milk. She talks about how animals are slaughtered for food and its not clean to them. She presents an argument on how butchers treat animals horribly and even though they are a source for our food they is no reason for animal brutality. During the foundation there was a fork out of a high pile of pigs slaughtered. The picture was quite grossum and didnt need much words to tell the story. Animals are honest treated very violently as if they have no type of feeling for pain. This is not right. Personally I would like to see animals treated better before they are slaughtered because they have feelings of pain just as we do. I wish more people, including myself, can have the pass on power to stop eating meet to send a contentedness to their butchers and factories that are displaying such animal brutality. Being a vegetarian is tuff, especially if your from a nonvegeatarian family. However, Christine made her argument not only how meatless(prenominal) foods are good, but how simply eating less is a good start. Its hard to necessitate someone to top eating meet but its a nice gesture to try to eat less. Eating less helps, less a nimals will be needed to food and maybe a meaning will be sent to those who practice brutal ways on animals. One interesting point was that animal eat a lot. And its better for the world to have them dead then alive and eating more. This is not a right way to think. Animals were put on this earth by the same supreme being that put us on this earth.

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