Thursday, February 7, 2019

I Want to Teach :: Teaching Philosophy Education Essays

I Want to TeachIf you would have asked me two yrs ago what my feelings were ab proscribed(predicate) school, I would have told you that I hated school. At that age I was 18 with no direction for my future and nothing seemed comparable it had any importance to me. The reason I decided to become a teacher is very complex because I never wanted to be a teacher until the end of 2003. What made me change my mind was a series of events and people in my life that impacted me both positively and negatively.This turning point in my life began in my senior course of high school. As I prepared for my senior football succession I never took the time out to prepare for life aft(prenominal) high school. The only thing that mattered was that I played sober football and graduated so after that I could accept my full cognition to the University of Illinois. I didnt know at that time that life wasnt that easy, only I was soon to find out. As the year went on I had more and more offers to pla y at different universities, nevertheless I was not paying attention to any of my mentors when they would tell me that none of these offers meant anything if I didnt have the grades. I respect my mentors as if they were develop figures because they have been where I want to go and have everything that I want, but I was too busy listening to family members who would tell me that I was passing game pro after my first year of college. As an 18 year old, you believe what your family tells you because you think it is right because they said it. Unfortunately, I found out that this was not always the case.The school year went on, and as others where preparing for the ACT and SAT, I was busy getting in trouble with the law and not going to class. No one cared about anything I was doing because I was a good football player and that was all they saw. They believed that any trouble I got in to, I could get out of, but that wasnt true. I worn-out(a) almost a month in the Wayne County Jail for armed robbery. It was on that point that I decided to turn my life around and do what was right.

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