Thursday, February 16, 2017

Constantine and Christianity

Constantine reigned from 306-337, as the papistic emperor butterfly of Rome. Under his rule Christianity became the major religion in the Roman Empire. Constantine was exposed to Christianity by his sire Helena, but did not erect himself a Christian until he was a mature adult. In 311, Constantine, along with two in the raw(prenominal) rulers within the Roman Empire, mulish to loosen the restrictions against Christianity1. Prior to his strife against Maxentius, Constantine had a vision of ki rho, the first two earn in the name of Christ, and hears a voice that said, In this, repress . Constantine took this as a manse and ordered Chi-Rho to be delimitate(p) on the shields of his soldiers. Constantine defeated Maxentius and became the unitary and only emperor in the westward region2. There is small evidence to support this contain just as in that location is little evidence to support that he continued to idolise other gods after 312. Constantines acknowledgment with the Christian Almighty beau ideal  and the support of the gallant phalanx made him believe that he was invincible in battle. From the verbal description of his biographer and Bishop Eusebius it appeared to be the moment of reincarnation to Christianity3.\nThe persecution and martyrdom of Christians did not preserve the growth of Christianity, which was viewed as libertine to the Roman Empire4. In participation with Licinius, the emperor of the East, Constantine issued the edict of Milan, which grants license of religious practice down the stairs their rule. This included the religious practices of irreligious worship. The edict also restored to Christians, property, places of worship, and correct those whose property was sold5. Clergy in the western region benefited from the Edict of Milan6. The churches new relationship with Constantine gave clergy access to the imperial treasury. The edict was viewed as a positive move in the history of Christianity.\nIn 321, Co nstantine utter that Sun daylight would be set aside as the day of worship... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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