Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Turbulents Lives of Women During the Civil War

Kate Clarke and Mrs. Owens are two examples of women affected by the well-bred War officefront. The homefront is when the civil population is affected by the war currently existence fought for in that nation. When the men left oer(p) their families to fight in the war, women had to betroth initiative for their husbands to keep up their homes and children. Youll find out that women did more than at home than anticipate of them through the acts of Kate Clarke and bloody shame Owens. The Civil War changed the lives of every American family in the North and in the South. Al well-nigh every family had a husband, discussion, father or fellow away at war, difference the women and children at home with the chores. Women had to dance step outside their gender roles and start out care of whats most important to them, their homes and families. In the North, women took everywhere factories that men would originally do, creating supplies, change state and guns for the war. For the South, rich women had to backpack over their husbands and fathers plantations along with the controlling of the have slaves. Less fortunate sporting women worked in the fields doing the artless work that the husbands and sons would normally do. The home front was a beat of constant fear that their love ones would never been seen again, leaving the responsibilities to the women and children. \nIn The Torture of Mary Owens, Mary is visited by attendant soldiers on the whereabouts of her criminal husband extremum Owens, a play voluntary for the conspiracy. Mary lies to the soldiers, which they didnt take lightly because the soldiers knew she was protecting her husband. The Confederate soldiers tortured Mrs. Owens by break her in a manoeuver while her infant son watched till she revealed Bill Owens location. In the time of the Civil War, there were no restrictions of torturing civilians to consider information on criminals, runaway slaves and in Bill Owens case, renunciati on of the Confederate army. Pain became the Confederacys new gain...

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