Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Liberal Government (1906-1914) and British Poverty

beforehand 1906, the British politicians still stood for the principles of Laissez faire- Individuals were only when responsible for their own lives and welfare. The regime did non accept office for the s arousetness and hardship that existed among its citizens - and had not planned any favorable reforms ready to implement when in military force. However, once the Liberals were in power it was clear reforms were needed on a large station of brotherly issues. One main(prenominal)(prenominal) concern was national competency. During the Boer War the large levels of ill-health among the toil recruits become clear to the governance, with close to atomic number 53 third of the soldiers recruitment being rejected on medical grounds. Now in that location were worries that Britains population was not as fit or educated as her main competitors in the world. This was linked to some other major issue go about by the Liberals; the extent of poverty in Edwardian Britain. Inves tigations by both Charles Booth and Seebohm Rowntree revealed that one third of the citys population was living in poverty rather than the terce percent that was previously believed to hire the city. While Booth and Rowntree concord that some poverty was a result of the laziness and faineance of many individuals, much of it was caused by unemployment, sickness and old age. In an attempt to reduce the elevated percentage of people living in poverty in Britain Acts were passed to try and limit the beat of children being caught up by the poverty cycle. The Liberals also treasure that workers needed help from the government when faced with unemployment or illness. Finally, the Liberals as a government in power were the first to endorse that elderly individuals suffered from poverty, and possibly the hardest, and hence took steps in providing fiscal support to the worst off. On the other hand, how effective the social reforms implemented by the Liberals can be questioned, althou gh they covered a wide range of problems no(prenominal) ful...

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